Low speed vehicle safety
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ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- The Nichols Industrial Complex is a very congested and busy area. All mission support vehicles, such as warehouse tractors and specialty vehicles, must be cautious operating in and around this area.

All posted speed limits are based on ideal driving conditions and are posted for passenger type cars and trucks.

Exceeding the posted speed limit or driving faster than is safe for current conditions is dangerous and illegal.


• Material handling equipment must maintain safe speeds. This means a speed of 2 MPH indoors or the average human walking speed.

• Uneven driving surfaces, visibility and other conditions require slower speeds or the use of a spotter or ground guide.

• Always ensure the load is steady and secured.

• Never stop abruptly when carrying a load.

• Specialty vehicles must operate based on current road conditions, visibility and load, which maybe slower than the posted speed limits.

• Don't tailgate. Stay at least three vehicle lengths from other vehicles.

• Stop and sound horn when entering buildings. Look both ways before proceeding.

• Drive carefully and avoid distractions.

• Always drive defensively.

• Accidents can result in serious injuries - always wear the safety restraint system.

Safety starts with you. Driving requires 100 percent of your attention at all times.

Contact the Safety Office at Ext. 7541 with questions.