Fort Leonard Wood FMX employees
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Fort Leonard Wood FMX employees 2
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Two Fleet Maintenance Expansion units for U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command's Integrated Logistics Support Center participated in Safe and Sound Week the week of August 16.

FMX units at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri and Fort Jackson, South Carolina each designed their own style of events designed to reinforce and protect TACOM's civilian workforce through safety and health education.

Industry safety organizations and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration sponsors Safe and Sound in August every year. It is a nationwide event that helps organizations learn the value of health and safety programs, specifically focusing on the three areas of management and leadership, worker participation, and a logical approach to identifying and fixing potential hazards in the workplace.

"Participating in Safe and Sound Week takes learning safety out of the classroom and places it into an interactive environment," said Renee Beethem, TACOM Safety and Occupational Health Program Manager.

This interactive environment helps employees recognize their accomplishments in workplace safety and helps promote the units health and safety programs designed to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses.

Committee members who set up the interactive training are employee volunteers who already understand the risks and hazards in their particular workplace and are therefore able to create practical, work-related safety scenarios. Some of the scenarios also have practical use for individuals in their personal life as well.

Melony Cardoza, TACOM FMX-Fort Leonard Wood Director said, "safety encompasses all we do whether it's at work or at home."

Fort Leonard Wood set-up a variety of events including: the Army Substance Abuse Program's drunk goggles course, fire extinguisher use training, and a forklift safety rodeo, which is an obstacle course designed for forklift operators to properly load and maneuver materials around a challenging area.

At Fort Jackson, they had interactive training trying to find issues with their Personal Protective Gear, identifying pre-staged safety hazards during a maintenance bay walkthrough, and a Family Feud style game that focused on safety topics.

"The FMX-Jackson employees have a better understanding of the safety requirements needed to perform their day-to-day mission," said Clayton Nagel, TACOM FMX-Fort Jackson Deputy Director.

He went on to say the employees "embraced the interactive events and the employee based committee concept that transitioned formal safety classes into a fun and intriguing learning environment. The employees also appreciated management spending time with the work force during the performance of their daily mission, it facilitated one-on-one interation and boosted morale."

Beethem says this type of training is important because it provides a "synergy in promoting safety and keeping employees safe through actual practical exercises" combined with traditional styles of training.

Participating in Safe and Sound is just another way that TACOM is preparing and protecting its civilian workforce.


About Tank-automotive and Armaments Command:

TACOM's workforce includes highly skilled and uniquely qualified professionals, from industrial artisans to senior logisticians and business analysts. The largely civilian workforce is critical to supporting Army readiness.

TACOM's Integrated Logistics Support Center facilitates warfighting readiness for U.S. forces by executing repair parts planning and supply chain management for more than 3,500 weapon systems. These systems form the core of America's ground combat capability. When the force needs critical components delivered, whether at home or abroad, it depends on TACOM.

TACOM is responsible for the synchronization, integration and delivery of Soldier and ground systems materiel readiness solutions to ensure the Army is the world's most lethal and versatile fighting force.

TACOM's six manufacturing arsenals, and maintenance depots generate operational capability throughout Army formations as part of the Army's Organic Industrial Base. When the force needs equipment or parts manufactured, repaired, upgraded or modernized, industrial artisans from the Army's OIB deliver.

The Detroit Arsenal, home to TACOM headquarters, is the only active-duty U.S. Army installation in the tri-state (Michigan, Ohio and Indiana) area. Detroit Arsenal and its Michigan-based workforce of more than 6000 people contribute billions of dollars in economic impact to the state's economy each year.