ILSC director addresses the workforce during town hall meeting
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The Integrated Logistics and Support Center director, Ms. Marion Whicker, discussed several updates during an August 20 ILSC town hall meeting to include recent Tank-automotive and Armaments Command leadership changes, readiness metrics and the hiring process. Whicker also announced a new supervisor mentoring program, upcoming events for the remainder of the calendar year and took questions from the audience.

"As most of you know, Col. (Edward) Burke is retiring from the Army after many years of service," she said, adding that Burke was currently on terminal leave and would officially retire from his position as ILSC military deputy November 1. Burke had been serving in the position for the past two years.

"Col. Steven Corozza will be our new military deputy," Whicker said. Corozza is anticipated to arrive and assume his new duties during the first week of September.

She also noted command changes at Rock Island Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center, Sierra Army Depot and Anniston Army Depot. Specifically, Col. Jimi Hendrix assumed command of RIA JMTC, Col. Russell Henry assumed command at SIAD and Col. Marvin Walker assumed command at ANAD.

"We are about Army readiness," Whicker stated, transitioning her comments and reviewing current key metrics. The numbers, she said, were trending up, but there was still more work to do.

"Know that you're making a difference, regardless of the job that you hold," she told the gathered workforce. "Each and every one of you is what it takes to get this done," she added, referencing the up-trending readiness metrics and the overall readiness mission.

Whicker then reviewed the ILSC hiring process in an effort to provide clarity, stating that the hiring process was routinely the number one cause for employee concern in ILSC surveys.

She encouraged those not selected for sought after positions to ask hiring officials or panel members for an out brief in cases where they were not selected for a particular job.

"That is your right and something that I fully support," she said, referring to selection out briefs, adding that feedback should be specific and viewed as a learning opportunity.

Whicker also introduced a six-month pilot program geared toward training and mentoring new ILSC supervisors to better equip them for success. The one-on-one mentoring program will pair mentors and mentees from different directorates to better enable the communication and learning process.

Updates on sensing sessions designed to encourage employee feedback and updates to the off-site facility in Troy were also briefly discussed prior to taking questions from the workforce audience.