Sandra Thomas, CECOM G8What is your current duty station and where are you from originally?Thomas: "My current duty station is Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, but I am originally from Freehold, New Jersey."How long have you been with CECOM? Do you have experience with other commands or as a service member?Thomas: "I began as a civilian with CECOM in June of 2018, right after graduating from the University of Maryland. I have been working for the Joint Review Program Branch within the G8, Financial Systems Accounting Division for 14 months as a developmental employee. This is my first experience working for the Army."What are your main responsibilities? What does a typical workday consist of?Thomas: "The Joint Review Program Branch is divided into teams that support CECOM's organizations. My team supports the [CECOM] Integrated Logistics Support Center. My main responsibilities involve ensuring that open obligations are valid and liquidated before an appropriation cancels, as well as correcting and validating balances to guarantee proper disbursement of funds. This is important so that remaining obligations can be returned to higher Army headquarters or to be reutilized in current year for other mission sustainment projects. A typical workday consists of working on the various reports that we receive from Army Materiel Command. I deal with everything from contract reconciliations to ensure that proper closeout procedures are followed, to making sure that orders and receipts for goods or services are properly recorded and in an active status. This ultimately helps us achieve our goal of continual audit-readiness and long-term sustainment of an auditable environment."What do you enjoy about your work?Thomas: "I enjoy my job because it allows me to problem solve daily. I am continuously exposed to new financial errors that I must resolve so that all balances are valid and accurate. However, my job is not limited to just number crunching. I am also encouraged to find efficiencies in everyday tasks using data analytical tools like Excel. I am also lucky enough to work with a great team that I constantly collaborate with and am always learning from."What advice would you give a civilian who is considering employment with the Army?Thomas: "Whether you are a nurse, engineer, scientist or accountant with the Army, we all share a common mission of supporting the Warfighter and our nation. Each job is equally critical in sustaining readiness in the field. If you want a career where you are constantly challenged to think outside the box and encouraged to pursue different opportunities, I recommend employment with the Army!"