Human Resource Command teams took both first and second place prizes in this year's Fort Knox softball championship as the Scared Hitless beat the Cardinals 21 to 11 at Kilianski Sports Complex, Aug 14.With 16 intramural teams playing about 15 games apiece, Fort Knox Intramural Sports Director Adrian Bogle said that the teams usually begin to meld well by tournament time resulting in some stellar play."Definitely the play of these teams has really come up," Bogle said. "Last year the Cardinals were a big contender and took third place. They nearly took the trophy this year," said Bogle. "But the Hitless came on early this year, winning their first round, and they kept coming."Bogle said the 'Hitless' feat was more impressive considering the team's performance last year. After losing their first game in the second round the team were sent to the cellar of the bracket and a loss in their very next game sent them to an early grave.This year, a second round loss left the Cardinals battling from the bottom to face Scared Hitless in the tournament finale.The Cardinals started strong, as they maintained an 8-1 lead until the bottom of the fifth, when Scared Hitless caught them and never looked back dominating the Cardinals in the sixth for what turned out to be an early evening.