Let your voice be heard with ICE
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Let your voice be heard with ICE
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Let your voice be heard with ICE
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Let your voice be heard with ICE
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The Interactive Customer Evaluation system, better known as ICE, is Installation Management Command's principal resource of receiving comments directly from the community.

Each year, IMCOM receives approximately a half million customer comments that bring up issues and suggestions that provide significant feedback to local leadership. Comments help in reviewing installation services, focus on improving them and, consequently, better meet community needs.

U.S. Army civilian Corey Kerzmann is the ICE program manager for U.S. Army Garrison Italy and has been working on this program since this past spring.

"The ICE program is so important because it allows anyone in the Vicenza and Darby military communities to voice their praises, concerns and suggestions to the various service providers, as well as the garrison leadership who has oversight of the program," he said.

Kerzmann gets to see daily interaction between customers and the various service providers within the community.

"It's really awesome to be part of IMCOM's pursuit of Customer Service Excellence," he said.

These comments assist service managers and leadership to ensure installation services are meeting customer needs, as well as recognizing top performers, he added.

Kerzmann also emphasized the importance of ICE submissions.

"It is customer comment submissions that bring outstanding customer service to the forefront for recognition and let current issues be known to help improve the quality of life within the community. When customers leave their contact information, it allows community leadership the opportunity to reach out and get the details of the situation and thank them for bringing the topic forward."

Each service provider has an ICE manager(s) who monitor the system for new comments and respond accordingly.

"They are the ones who have direct interaction with the customers and work to find out the details pertaining to customer comments. They identify the best way to respond, whether that be forwarding customer's praise of an employee, resolving a customer's issue, or taking into consideration a customer's suggestion," Kerzmann explained.

After this first step, as the garrison ICE program manager, he has daily oversight of the system to ensure that service managers properly address comments.

"At the close of each month, our office consolidates the data and prepares a comprehensive report for the garrison command team. (The report) provides a recurring opportunity to ensure our communities' needs are being met."

ICE program managers are working to ensure the appropriate service providers are listed to make certain comments from community members get to the correct service provider managers in a timely fashion. Anyone who does not see a service provider they're looking for should click on the "General Site Comment" link. Leave a comment there, and the submission will be forwarded to the correct point of contact.

For IMCOM ICE-related questions, comments or concerns, community members are encouraged to contact the local garrison ICE program manager at DSN 637-8011/8012/8024, comm. 0444-61-8011/8012/8024.

The USAG Italy's community ICE portal links are as follows:

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