Army civilians support the nation, the Army and its Soldiers in times of war and peace by improving the readiness of the force. During the month of August, the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command is highlighting Department of the Army civilians who are committed to selfless service in support of the protection and preservation of the United States.

Tifphany Cantey, Army Contracting Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground

What's your current duty station and where are you from originally?

Cantey: "My current duty station is Aberdeen Proving Ground. I am originally from Baltimore, Maryland."

How long have you been with CECOM? Do you have experience with other commands or as a service member?

Cantey: "I've been with CECOM since October 2017 when I onboarded as an intern. I have no experience with other commands or as a service member."

What are your main responsibilities? What does a typical workday consist of?

Cantey: "I'm a Contract Specialist functioning with the ACC within CECOM. My main responsibilities consist of the oversight and administration of Army materiel contracts awarded to outside government contractors. A typical workday consists of prioritizing tasks in order of milestones and importance. I then work to complete contract tasks, coordinating with various parties to see that overall contract development stays on track. This typically consists of teleconferences and/or emails between the Program Manager and the contractor to discuss general requirements, competition, pricing, policies, etc."

What do you enjoy about your work?

Cantey: "It's very rewarding to work in an agency that gets to (sometimes) see contracts from cradle to grave and to know that your hard work is playing an integral part in the safety of our nation and the warfighter. I really enjoy being able to see the physical fruits (Army equipment, materials, etc.) of my labor. I also enjoy the balance of independent and group work. This allows me to manage my own contracts and contractors but also work alongside a team with a common mission."

What advice would you give a civilian who is considering employment with the Army?

Cantey: "Do so with an open mind. It's so much to learn, and I'm only speaking from the one position I've been in since onboarding. It's a rewarding career path with lots of opportunity, but join ready to learn and grow as a professional in all capacities. Army opportunities are endless!"