Story by Master Sgt. Shelia L. Cooper, 3rd ID Public AffairsSoldiers from across the 3rd Infantry Division competed in the Beast Mode Competition July 30 - Aug. 1, on Fort Stewart.The competition, hosted by the 3rd Infantry Division Artillery, was established to determine the fittest Soldier in the Marne Division and to foster espirit de corps through friendly competition."This is a great way to bring everyone together and boost morale and motivate the Soldiers," said Command Sgt. Major James M. McGuffey, the command sergeant major of DIVARTY. "It also allows the leadership across these organizations to see their Soldiers compete."The competition consisted of more than 10 rigorous events. On Day 1, the competitors conducted two minutes each of push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-up, as well as a 3-mile run, all in the Operation Camouflage Pattern Uniform, minus the patrol cap."Day 1 was the most difficult because I didn't know what to expect," said Sgt. 1st Class Qualeem J. Green, forward observer, DIVARTY.Day 2 of the event kicked off with a 3-mile run, followed by a 2-mile, 40-pound ruck march, and concluded with an addition 1-mile run. As sweat dripped from their faces and uniform, these Soldiers truly pushed their bodies to physical exertion."I went into this with the mindset that we all have different abilities and I felt that I would have been just as accomplished if I did a lot better than what I felt I would do," said Sgt. Imanic Mccoy, administrative assistant, DIVARTY.By Day 3, the Soldiers were truly exhausted from the two prior days of rigorous physical fitness events.Green jokingly stated that after the run, ruck, and run on Day 2 that he didn't have legs.Day 3 was no easy feat. The competitors conducted two minutes of the water can carry, pull-ups, tire flip, burpees, and a rope climb."I looked forward to Day 3, because there are about 10 guys that are bigger than me out here," said Green. "It is really fun to compete with bigger people. They showed up and did their best and I showed up and did my best. I came out here and gave it my all."Green stated that the hardest events were on the last day due to all of the upper body obstacles."The rope climb was a smoker then we changed stations which added onto the fatigue," said Green.These competitors from all backgrounds and units, came out to see who the fittest Soldier in the Marne Division was, as well as to challenge themselves in physical fitness.McGuffey stated that the goal is for DIVARTY to host this competition monthly during physical fitness hours and that the competition is open to all Soldiers.The Soldier who wins the competition will earn the title "Beast Mode".