GRAFENWOEHR, Germany- The Observer Controller Trainer Team (OC-T) from the Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC) supervises the 1st Brigade 1st Infantry Division (1 ID) during the Combined Resolve XII live fire training exercise, August 8, 2019, in Grafenwoehr Training Area. The OC-T plays an important role in the success of Combined Resolve XII, an Atlantic Resolve exercise. Their main focus is to provide feedback during the events to ensure that every procedure is being conducted properly. "I'm here to coach, teach and mentor the unit to get the unit more efficient and get them to be a better unit for later down the road," said Cpt. Nicholas Fausnaugh, an OC-T on the Panther Team with JMRC. "Once we get to the force-on-force portion we will get the opportunity to partner with NATO allies. We will get to work together through these problems and challenges as well as build our relationships and successfully train as one team." Working as a team is crucial to the success of any exercise; OC-T's work together to ensure the success of the participants during Combined Resolve, with each member of their team watching over different aspects of the event. "My role as an OC-T is to follow around the company 1st. Sgt. and assess how he is handling casualties, recovery and consolidation, and re-arming of his company," said Sgt. 1st. Class Jason Wolff, an OC-T on the Panther Team with JMRC. "When I'm watching the 1st Sgt., I'm watching to see if they have a plan on how to conduct cas-evac (casualty evacuations) what that plan is and if it works for his unit." Ensuring the unit is successful in its completion of Combined Resolve is the highest priority to OC-T's and they are dedicated to the safety of the units during the exercises, which is one way they show it. "We are looking to observe the unit and provide them some feedback on best practices and help them develop their SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) as well as make them a better, more well trained unit," said Fausnaugh. "We do AAR's (After Action Reviews) to help provide them feedback and help them become a better unit than when they showed up."