CASEY GARRISON, South Korea - Col. Larry 'Pepper' Jackson, USAG-Red Cloud commander, and members of the USAG-Casey and Red Cloud chain of command spoke to the directorates and others in attendance during the quarterly Workforce Town Hall meeting May 19 in the USAG-Casey Digital Conference Center, which was broadcast by live television feed to Red Cloud Theater for the Red Cloud workforce.

The main focus of the meeting was to give Jackson a chance to re-emphasize the garrison's mission in Area I, i.e., USAG-Red Cloud optimizes installation services to support readiness and well-being for service members, civilians, and families. Other subjects addressed were happenings in Warrior Country and what to expect in the near future with a projected schedule.

Jackson spoke about the changes each unit will be undergoing and the support the directors will need to provide as the permanent change of station season is coming.

"Although it will be a transition going through the PCS season because we will be losing Lt. Col. Donald Meisler, USAG-Casey commander, in July and some others," Jackson said. The great thing is we have a solid foundation with all the directorates and we have a strong work force."
Jackson spoke about how happy he was with the directorates and the work they are doing. He singled out the Directorate of Logistics office, by telling everyone they won the Department of the Army's Maintenance Excellence Award for 2008.

Jackson explained how difficult it was for Warrior Country to win such a prestigious award when they faced Fort Hood, Texas and Fort Bragg, N.C., the largest in the world. Additionally, he explained what an honor it is for Warrior Country to be selected, given the competition.

Jackson also said it is not a reflection on just DOL but everyone because "when one of you directorates and your offices are doing a good job, we are all doing a good job."

"Some of you have been doing this for a long time and I am proud and confident in the professionalism and dedication you bring to the job. This is my opportunity to tell you how proud I am of each and every one of you," Jackson said.

The next Workforce Town Hall Meeting is scheduled for Aug. 18 in the USAG-Casey Digital Conference Center. Send all questions and topics for approval to the Plans, Analysis, and Integration Office no later than July 14.