ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. -- Joint Munitions Command executes an annual budget of 3.5 billion dollars for ammunition production, storage and demilitarization. Providing the Joint Force with ready, reliable and lethal munitions to sustain global readiness involves a coordinated and efficient storage plan.JMC is in the process of reforming how it stores munitions to ensure its depots are efficiently using their facilities. As JMC reforms storage of production components, demil, training and war reserve munitions, munitions readiness to support the Warfighter during Multi-Domain Operations increases. Storage reform is about storing munitions in designated areas, in alignment with an over-arching master storage plan."The purpose of storage reform is to ensure our JMC depots are storing munitions in the most effective and efficient manner to support munitions readiness," said Jared Shuppy, JMC general supply specialist, JMC planning directorate.JMC's five-year plan provides coordinated storage reform efforts throughout its munitions enterprise. This effort began with three depots in 2018 and has expanded to six installations in 2019. The depots determine which and how many buildings they will review each year and plan a monthly breakout of projected completions. All depots either have met or exceeded their plans year-to-date.JMC monitors monthly completions from each depot through reports identifying misaligned buildings. Currently, 1,129 storage buildings have been realigned at installations, which equates to 26 percent of the five-year plan. A challenge facing the depots is the changing life-cycle of munitions. Munitions sometimes become destined for demil due to serviceability issues, obsolescence or becoming excess to need. When this happens, the assets are usually stored alongside "go-to war assets," and then need to be moved to a different facility."As JMC continues to consolidate its munitions in storage, it will increase our outload effectiveness and reduce our overall footprint requirement for storage," added Shuppy.JMC continues to monitor and realign additional storage facilities to meet its goal of a modernized enterprise that is resourced, responsive and capable of cost-effectively supporting readiness by providing lethality that wins.