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ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Maryland (August 1, 2019) -- Program Executive Office Command, Control, Communications-Tactical's (PEO C3T) Project Lead Network Enablers (PL Net E) recently accomplished the mission to field over 1,300 Automated Communications Engineering Software (ACES) AN/GYK-33F workstations to more than 800 Army Commands in 50 states, three territories and five countries.

The ACES workstation is a Commercial off-the-shelf laptop computer with government software that provides an automated system for use by tactical, strategic and sustaining base units for secure network/cryptonet planning. ACES also assists with key management/distribution and generation of Signal Operating Instructions and Electronic Protection, while hosting applications for frequency spectrum management and mission planning.

The quick reaction fielding was a result of previously fielded ACES workstations still running Windows 7, necessitating their mandatory removal from field use by September 2019. PL Net E was tasked with providing units Windows 10 compliant workstations to replace the existing Windows 7 workstations to avoid a lack in support and maintain functionality for the user.

To achieve this, PL Net E stood up a four-person fielding team and, with additional support as required, the team identified and worked with units in need of upgrades and developed a coordinated fielding schedule with all Army components to execute the equipment deliveries.

The team began fielding in June 2018 and by the end of January 2019 they had fielded 98 percent of the Windows 10 compliant workstations. The remaining ACES workstations were fielded throughout the spring and the team completed its last delivery in May. Despite the quick timeline, the team was able to complete the mission ahead of schedule and ensure that tactical and strategic operations will be able to continue without service disruption. "The team's ability to field over 1,300 ACES workstations in a short period was a reflection of their dedication to the Army and should be applauded," said Mr. Fred Longo, PL Net E Readiness Management Division Chief.

The ACES workstation fielding effort ensured the users complied with mandatory Windows 10 upgrades in order to continue meeting mission requirements. Consequently, the technical refresh provides the users with enhanced system security, faster processing speed and increased data storage. Mr. Dennis Teefy, Deputy PL Net E, said, "The ACES fielding effort is a prime example of how we are working to provide simple, intuitive and hardened equipment to the warfighter. The new workstations not only offer the user increased capability, but prepare units for incremental software upgrades in the future."

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The U.S. Army Project Lead Network Enablers is assigned to Program Executive Office Command, Control and Communications-Tactical, which develops, acquires, fields and supports the Army's mission command network to ensure force readiness. This critical Army modernization priority delivers tactical communications so commanders and Soldiers can stay connected and informed at all times, even in the most austere and hostile environments. PEO C3T is delivering the network to regions around the globe, enabling high-speed, high-capacity voice, data and video communications to a user base that includes the Army's joint, coalition and other mission partners.

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