The Fort Leonard Wood FMX Team
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The Fleet Maintenance Expansion, or FMX, team at Fort Leonard Wood won two prestigious awards recognizing the quality of their work. They were awarded the Chief of Staff, Army Award for Maintenance Excellence in the Active Army All Others category for fiscal year 2018 as well as the Chief of Ordnance Best of the Best Maintenance Award for calendar year 2018.

The Army recognizes maintenance excellence with its annual Army Award for Maintenance Excellence, or AAME, in organic, field-level maintenance programs that have demonstrated the highest levels of achievement in maintenance and maintenance management. Program objectives include: improving and sustaining maintenance readiness, evaluating the status of the total maintenance operations, improving efficiency and reducing waste, recognizing outstanding unit-level accomplishments and initiatives, and promoting competition at the command and higher levels.

FMX teams provide field-level maintenance in support of 75 critical training fleets and more than 122,000 pieces of Training and Doctrine Command training equipment in Warren, Michigan, and at four main sites located at Fort Leonard Wood, Fort Lee, Fort Jackson and Fort Benning. The equipment the teams maintain supports 335 training programs of instruction for more than 266,000 Soldiers participating in Army institutional training.

The FMX teams are part of the Field Support Operations Directorate within the Tank-automotive and Armaments Command's Integrated Logistics Support Center.

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About Tank-automotive and Armaments Command:

TACOM is responsible for the synchronization, integration and delivery of Soldier and ground systems materiel readiness solutions to ensure the Army is the world's most lethal and versatile fighting force.

TACOM's Integrated Logistics Support Center facilitates warfighting readiness for U.S. forces by executing repair parts planning and supply chain management for more than 3,500 weapon systems. These systems form the core of America's ground combat capability. When the force needs critical components delivered, whether at home or abroad, it depends on TACOM.

TACOM's six manufacturing arsenals and maintenance depots generate operational capability throughout Army formations as part of the Army's Organic Industrial Base. When the force needs equipment or parts manufactured, repaired, upgraded or modernized, industrial artisans from the Army's OIB deliver.

The Detroit Arsenal, home to TACOM headquarters, is the only active-duty U.S. Army installation in the tri-state (Michigan, Ohio and Indiana) area. Detroit Arsenal and its Michigan-based workforce of more than 6000 people contribute billions of dollars in economic impact to the state's economy each year.

TACOM's workforce includes highly skilled and uniquely qualified professionals, from industrial artisans to senior logisticians and business analysts. The largely civilian workforce is critical to supporting Army readiness.

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