CAMP WALKER, Republic of Korea -- The Area IV Daegu Middle High School and Daegu Elementary School faculty are putting in the hours, working to improve school facilities, standards and websites in preparation for the 2019-2020 school year.Preparation takes planning and organization, whether it's dealing with parents getting children prepared for another year of school, or teachers and faculty preparing to teach a group of new students each year."Improvements are put in motion for the school year coming up, consisting of cleaning crews, fixing the walls, painting, and bringing in new supplies," said Jason Bell, the administrative officer for the Daegu School Complex.Hard work and preparation are not the only requirements to organizing a new school year. Communicating new information to new and current students and parents who are a part of the Area IV community is very important."I would recommend the parents follow and like the schools' Facebook pages. There is a lot of important information on there, as well as the USAG Daegu Facebook page," Bell said. "The school website for Daegu Middle High School and the elementary school is available to give incoming families information in regards to what's local in our community, our curriculum, our standards, and is a great point of contact," said Allyson Burns, a professional learning instructional assistance specialist for the Daegu Middle High School.USAG Daegu also provides a lot of the school information to the community due to their strong partnership with the schools. Parents can also call the schools to receive more information, or if they have any questions.Daegu Middle High School and Daegu Elementary School prepare the curriculum for the children to learn, but the students' parents have to help prepare their children to go to school."When preparing children for school, you want to make sure that you get a list of all the supplies that they need, they get enough sleep for the first day, and that they are very familiar with the school," said Frankie Marquez, an operations specialist for the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security, USAG Daegu.Preparing children to go to school happens at the beginning of the school year, but often times some students get caught up in their daily lives and they forget to check their progress. It's important to include the parents, when possible, so they can also stay updated on their children's progress."We are going to send out a weekly newsletter that highlights activities that are going on in the school. Also, grade speed is updated by teachers weekly so students and parents can check grades," Bell said.Parents can also stay involved in their children's' daily school activities by being a part of the parent teacher organization, the school advisory council or by volunteering.Parents who homeschool their children can also stay involved by volunteering at the school or joining one of the parent teacher organizations or homeschool support groups. In addition, children who are homeschooled can take part in electives and sports at the schools, like band and art classes."We would definitely recommend parents who homeschool their children to go to the Department of Defense website to get information on how the program stays connected with homeschooled students, and if any of their questions are not answered, they can just call," said Burns.Whether parents homeschool their children or their children attend school, they can enjoy and stay involved in their children's' daily school activities and lives. This helps the students progress and grow as they explore new educational opportunities, and it helps foster the bonds between parents and their children."Extracurricular activities are also very important because they ensure your child is involved in other activities like sports or clubs. Having an active child not only helps them make new friends, but it also helps them to improve their life skills," said Marquez.For more information, visit the Daegu Middle High School Facebook page at The Daegu Middle High School website is, and the telephone number is 0503-363-6108/6109.For more information about the Daegu Elementary School, visit the Facebook page at The Daegu Elementary School website is, and the telephone number is 0503-368-9501.Also, the USAG Daegu Facebook page at www.facebook/USAGDaegu has valuable information about activities going on at the schools and other important community information, to include information about severe weather and school closures.