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FORT HUACHUCA, ARIZ -- Effective Monday, July 29, Runion Dental Clinic will no longer be seeing patients in temporary buildings.

Runion Dental Clinic went through an extensive renewal project in order to update many portions of the building in order to improve work flows and patient experiences.

Marty Schiffner, the Facility Manager, said, "The intent of this project was to repair the approximate 15,900 square foot Runion Dental Clinic to support a 21-chair dental facility, to include renewal of dental equipment and the infrastructure of electrical, HVAC and plumbing."

The facility originally opened in 1977 and this is the first renewal project it has gone through. It was redesigned to work with current and upcoming workflow and patient care standards.

Maj. Aleksandr Baron, Runion Dental Clinic Commander, said, "I think largely when you look at the clinic, what's been aided more than anything is the sterilization workflow, supply workflow and patient care workflow. Just how patients are moving through the clinic. Certain areas where treatment occurs have been, I think, drastically improved."

They actually decreased the number of chairs from 28 to 21. However, this is beneficial for space management and workflow.

"I will say that one of the reasons, of many, was to help the workflow improve. Taking the excess chairs out was needed."

The dental clinic staff are excited to for the new updates.

"Refresh for equipment, cabinetry, furniture, dental chairs. Improve workflow really in hope to meet standards put forth by Army medicine." Baron said, "[The staff] are so excited. I've heard a lot of positive comments. Especially from the front desk, by the way, because walking into those front doors and welcoming a patient, and that is the first thing they see. And our front desk is spectacular. With the employees, and now the environment they walk into, it's very reassuring. I think trust begins right at that front desk."

The staff started moving supplies over last week, and have only been seeing sick call patients for the week prior to the move.

They will be opening their doors at 7 a.m. Monday, July 29, excited to see their patients and provide a better patient experience.