Five enterprising young men and women in the third and fourth grades formed an energy committee to spread energy awareness and conservation around West Point Elementary School and the community.

Shawne Cryderman, WPES principal, received a call from the Directorate of Public Works asking that the children work with DPW on West Point's energy awareness program.

"I immediately called third-grader Isaac Dabkowski to help with this," Cryderman said. "He asked if he could bring other children in with him. I gave them six weeks to think about a project, and they came back in three weeks with ideas."

The children decided to create a poster, but they wanted to do something more.

"Dabkowski came up with a (green) light switch cover," she said. "I made a template by taking a light switchplate off and drawing around it to make it easier for the children to work on."

The youngsters so impressed DPW Director Matt Talaber, Facilities Engineer Geri Wildenberg and Cryderman that the five-Isaac Dabkowski, Ashley Grande, Matthew Moss (who was unable to attend), Joseph Minus and Koy Randall-were recognized with certificates declaring each child West Point Junior Energy Awareness Engineers at a small ceremony at the school June 5.

Martha Hinote, DPW customer service representative, said she will be using the poster design for Earth Day celebrations next year. The green light switch covers will be used in buildings around post.