White Sands Missile Range welcomed a new commander during a Change of Command ceremony as outgoing commander Brig. Gen. Greg Brady relinquished command to Col. David C. Trybula July 17 at the Organ Mountains Parade Field.Army Test and Evaluation Command Commander Maj. Gen. Joel K. Tyler welcomed guests and employees to the ceremony on a warm morning. "When I come out here I'm always just struck by how beautiful it is."Tyler talked about the importance of the work done at WSMR. "I love coming to White Sands. Thank you to everyone who does what you do every day and thank you to the community for your wonderful support. WSMR is truly a jewel in the crown of our nation's defense."He said the Army is undergoing its most significant transition and mentioned that it recently stood up the Army Futures Command. "Army leadership and elective leadership were committed to the modernization of the Army," he said. "It just so happens that the day Greg took command that effort really stood up in a serious way. Greg was the right leader at the right time."Tyler talked about how Brady had a hand in driving WSMR as the site where some of the Army's most critical priorities -- Long Range Precision Fires and Air and Missile Defense - are committed to coming to WSMR. "This is where the victories of tomorrow will happen.""Greg's efforts in leading the entire team here has resulted in some great awareness at very senior levels of leadership. He knows that we have to be ready in short order. The spirit that animates the workforce and the communities here at White Sands is incredibly important for the future of the Army and the nation.""I think that energy and passion and commitment has really marked you as a leader that has made a difference here at White Sands," Tyler told Brady.Speaking about Trybula, Tyler said he is an operations research guy who will check the math."Dave, I think a unique background is required for a unique place," Tyler said. "White Sands I think you are going to love your new commander as you loved and supported your previous commander. Thank you for what you do every day."Brady started his comments by saying that he couldn't ask for a more perfect day to hold a change of command."At my assumption of command I said that with new leadership comes new changes. However, there are two things that I said wouldn't change and those two things were readiness and relationships. I can attest that both of them did not change."Brady said that readiness continues to be our number one priority. "Our Army is ready to fight tonight. In order to sustain this high standard our Army must regain our competitive advantage against emerging threats, competitors and adversaries. That is exactly what we have been doing here working on those modernization priorities that Gen. Tyler talked about," Brady said."To give you an idea, over the last year we've conducted a grand total of 1,276 tests, demonstrations, experiments, training missions, which included the sense off for the next generation Patriot radar, high energy laser testing, dropping bombs, and tactical missile firings.""Know this, we are not slowing down. We are aggressively finding ways to excel with the future capabilities of directed energy, hypersonics and space, yes, space. We are getting back to our roots. The Birthplace of America's Missile and Space Activity."Just as White Sands supported NASA's Apollo program 50 years ago WSMR is partnered with NASA once again for the commercial crew program."White Sands is going to be a critical part of it. We are going to support the launch of U.S. astronauts from U.S. soil, docking with the international space station, and returning to U.S. soil. This has not been done since the end of the Space Shuttle program in 2011," he said. WSMR will be the primary and alternate landing site for astronauts in the space craft."This would not be possible without this incredible, highly talented and experienced workforce here at White Sands. Please know this, each one of you made a difference and I thank each one of you for your passionate commitment to excellence."Brady also thanked several WSMR and community leaders for their support, to include members of the Chambers of Commerce."I tell all these groups that we have shared core values that leads to strong relationships. Strong relationships leads to trust and trust matters. That is how we've built and sustained strong teams," Brady said.Addressing Col. Dave Trybula, Brady said he was now the 38th commander of WSMR. "Your incredible reputation precedes you. You are definitely the right leader at the right time to command WSMR."Trybula thanked family, friends, employees and community leaders for attending the event. "It is humbling to stand before you in the land of enchantment and what is truly a national treasure -- White Sands Missile Range.""It is an honor and privilege to be entrusted to lead this extraordinary team. Thank you all for the true professionals that you are," Trybula said.He continued to say that 74 years ago yesterday the world was changed here. "Team White Sands has continued to change the world ever since. Today we live in a different world with different challenges, but the vision to change the world remains alive and well," he said. "We are focused on the Army's modernization priorities and the national defense strategy. It is a thrill to be in this environment."Trybula continued to say that Readiness remains the top priority. "We will continue to enhance and support today's readiness for our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. Simultaneously we must be ready for the future, which means we must now realize that WSMR is a key enabler to achieve modernization. Indeed we are the critical path for at least two of the six Army's Modernization priorities."Trybula said he and his family look forward to continuing the progress. "Team White Sands you are making the future possible. Your efforts and the results they produce will be a constant focus."