White Sands Missile Range has been on standby waiting and ready for the call to assist in the search of a man who was reported missing last week and who was believed to be in the Organ Mountains after his vehicle was found unoccupied in the Baylor Canyon West Trail Head area.A missing person report for Steve Carey was filed in San Pedro, California on July 10, by his children after not hearing from him for several days. Carey was in the Las Cruces area when he went missing.Capt. Tom Benavidez with WSMR Emergency Services Special Operations Branch, has been in contact with Carey's children since July 11 when they called to ask him to check to see if their father was somewhere on post to include the post hotel.New Mexico State Police has been leading the Search and Rescue attempt, and have concentrated their search to the Baylor Canyon area. WSMR has yet to be called to assist in the search, due to no indication Carey may have travelled east over the mountain to WSMR property.According to reports, New Mexico State Police found his vehicle parked at the western trail head for Baylor Canyon Pass early July 12. Area search and rescue teams have been searching the area in Baylor Canyon but have had to call off their search due to the heat.In the meantime, WSMR Emergency Services Director Donald R. Morrison, said WSMR security personnel have been proactive by searching WSMR southern and western boundaries.Benavidez also reached out to the El Paso Sector Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue Unit in conjunction with the El Paso Sector Air and Marine Office, Omaha 80A, and inquired if they could assist New Mexico State Police with the search.Thomas Hermosillo, Acting BORSTAR Commander, said BORSTAR would assist in the search and responded with an A-Star Euro Copter with three agents on board and also supported the ground search with 4 ground units the next morning. This was a coordinated effort with WSMR DES, New Mexico State Police and BORSTAR.