Fort Huachuca, Ariz. -- Col. Osvaldo 'Oz' Ortiz assumed command of the U.S. Army Information Systems Engineering Command at a ceremony here, July 12.Ortiz accepted command from outgoing ISEC Commander Col. Nicole R. Morris in a ceremony on the Brown Parade Field. The change of command ceremony was overseen by the Commanding General of the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command, Maj. Gen. Mitchell Kilgo.Ortiz assumes command at ISEC after serving as executive officer to the CECOM commanding general at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.Ortiz accepted the colors of the ISEC command after Morris had passed them through Kilgo. This long-standing Army ceremonial process symbolizes the end of Morris' responsibility for the command and Ortiz's assumption of those responsibilities.In his remarks, Kilgo challenged the entire ISEC command to continue to do great things for CECOM, the Army and the nation, leveraging two great leaders--one outgoing, one incoming--in this time of change."I challenge you to continue to work closely together in the proximity of these two great leaders and take advantage of the opportunity you have to deliver the effects we need for our Army," Kilgo said.""Leadership is absolutely about the (individual)," Kilgo ended. "What we do and what we say matters a lot. Your audio better match your video. I think with these two leaders, their audio does match their video, and I charge this community to continue to support this Army and this Nation in superior ways."Ortiz noted he and his family were thrilled to be back at Fort Huachuca after a 14-year absence."I am tremendously honored to be back here today as we embark on this assignment with Team ISEC."Morris closed out her command with high praise for the dedicated Soldiers and Civilians of her command."This morning, I pass the colors of one of the finest brigades in the United States Army to Col. Ortiz," Morris said. "The civilians and Soldiers of ISEC have enabled communications world--wide, quietly and professionally. During my two years here, I have never stopped being amazed at the passion and dedication of the personnel when it comes to the mission and to each other."The Fort Huachuca ceremony concluded with a ceremonial cavalry charge.