FORT HOOD, Texas -Snowcones and Bradley Fighting Vehicles were key components for a day of fun during the 1st Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment's Garryowen Family Day July 17.The event at the Browns Creek multi use range gave the families of Soldiers the opportunity to witness what their loved ones do at work. Since the 1-7 Cav Soldiers have been unavailable to their families while training in the field, this was also an opportunity for families to spend time with loved ones. Wives, mothers, fathers, children and veterans were in attendance for the Family Day."We thought it'd be best that family members got the chance to come out and see their Soldiers, and it gives a boost to the Soldiers too," said 1st Lt. Arann Ersinke, a Squadron Trooper and Family Readiness Liaison.Family members often have a hard time grasping all that Soldiers do while training for the mission. This gave families the chance to gain a better understanding. Children raved with excitement while they were given the chance to enter the Bradleys and learn how they operate. The day concluded with the families given the opportunity to watch the Bradleys as they fired down range."It's good to be able to be out here and see how hard they work," said Caitlin Hansberry, wife of Sgt. Aaron Hannsberry, a scout for 1-7 Cav. "It helps encourage me to keep things strong for him at home."The 1st Cavalry Division strives to keep Soldiers ready to deploy and fight at any given moment. This requires strenuous training year round, which can lead to quite a bit of time away from home. With a strong family foundation these Soldiers can continue to be ready for any mission."'Cav strong' means to have the vigor and determination to meet any objective, no matter what obstacles come up," said Ersinke. "Families are very important in making sure Soldiers are 'Cav strong', because without a family or support group it is hard for Soldiers to continue on."The next Garryowen Family Day will be held on Monday, July 29th.