Army's ground vehicle center earns top safety award

By Mr. Jerome Aliotta, CCDC GVSCJuly 23, 2019

Industrial Operations Safety
The Ground Vehicle Systems Center Safety Office earned an Army-level award for Industrial Operations Safety. Pictured with MG Cedric T. Wins, CG for Combat Capabilities Development Command, are, from left, Max Johnson, Jane Gravely, Moe Arif, Mark Ne... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

For its excellence in safety work and commitment to loss prevention, the Army's Ground Vehicle Systems Center has earned an Army-level award for Industrial Operations Safety.

While GVSC has received previous awards for safety, this one, awarded by the Secretary of the Army and Army Chief of Staff, is a first for GVSC.

"GVSC's Occupational Safety and Health statistics are unrivaled," said Chuck Hill, GVSC's acting associate director for Safety. "GVSC has achieved another decade of zero fatalities, Class A, or Class B accidents, despite utilizing numerous high-hazard cutting edge industrial prototyping processes with an increased operations tempo to support the Warfighter's ever changing needs."

For fiscal year 2018, accident rates at GVSC achieved success with over 88 percent lower than the national comparable industry average with help from vigilant Collateral Duty Safety Officers (CDSOs), supervisors and proactive management. GVSC's Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) and Days Away, Restricted, or Transferred (DART) rates were well below the Army's and national targets.

The TCIR for FY18 was 0.19, a reduction of 15 percent from FY17, and almost 25 percent lower than AMC established goals. The DART rate for FY18 was 0.05; incurring only one lost time accident--ending a 17-month stretch of no lost work days.

"These rates follow substantial year-over-year-decreases from our benchmark in FY17, where the TCIR rate was 0.60," Hill said.

Additionally, since the inception of the GVSC Safety Office in FY10, medical costs for accidents have dropped 88 percent.

GVSC encompasses 1 million square feet of industrial research, integration and laboratory footprint, with scientists, technicians, and engineers who develop and maintain ground vehicles for all U.S. Armed Forces and numerous federal agencies. GVSC Industrial Operations include many facets of the criteria for this award but none more important than our Command Safety Policy, Risk Management, the CDSO Program, CPR Training Program and Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene program.

"These programs improve our reduction in accident rates, support readiness and directly impact the ability for GVSC to support the warfighter and protect our most valuable asset--our people," Hill said.