In a small ceremony here June 4, Fort Sill marked a new milestone when Brig. Gen. Ross Ridge took over as new commandant of the Field Artillery School and Chief of the Field Artillery.

Until the ceremony, Ridge had been assistant commandant of the Field Artillery School. Maj. Gen. Peter Vangjel had been commandant, as well as the United States Fires Center of Excellence commanding general and the Fort Sill Commanding General.

On June 4, Vangjel transferred authority as commandant to Ridge, marking another step in the reorganization at Fort Sill that's related to moving the Air Defense School here from Fort Bliss, Texas.

Still growing
Vangjel spoke first in the 30-minute ceremony.
"We are going to see the growth of some 10,000 to12,000 folks coming here to Fort Sill over the next five years and as I pass the proponency of the Field Artillery to Ross Ridge, I know our branch is in good hands because he is an acknowledged leader who has handled both the lethal and non-lethal capabilities over the past three years and he will have that ability to steer the branch," Vangjel said.

"As we here at Fort Sill undergo the transformation to a fires center of excellence, I humbly and graciously accept the responsibility of this most important position and remain committed to serve in this branch," said Ridge.