BLORA, TX - The Troopers of 6th Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, held a spouse spur ride on May 17 at the Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area.A spur ride is a cavalry tradition where Soldiers will complete tasks and exercises to earn their spurs and be inducted into the Order of the Spur, and while spouses aren't inducted, it's still a way for them to learn and experience some of the events their Soldier will experience while in the field or on a day to day basis. Spouses who participated volunteered for the opportunity and gave them first-hand experience of life as an Army Soldier."It's a good event for spouses because it lets them get a taste of what their Soldier does in the field," said Lt. Col. Nate Crow, squadron commander. "It's meant to be a fun time, and gives them a chance to relax with their Trooper, after going pretty hard for the last 5 months."The spur ride also allowed the families to come together before the unit departs on their rotation to Korea in the next month.Along with spending the day in their Troopers shoes, families were able to make connections with their Soldier Family Readiness Group leaders who will be responsible for keeping families informed while the squadron focuses on its upcoming rotation."This is a chance for the FRG leader to scoop them up and wrap their arms around them and make sure that they're on that team and they have all the resources available for them that they need, prior to the deployment."Often, families will face difficulties while their Soldier is away. Bonding with one another gives families that support system they can lean on while going through a deployment, training event or even a pcs."I feel like it brought all the spouses together; that way if we need each other, we know we will be there," said Trisha Long, an Apache Troop spouse. "We were able to build a greater friendships and we got to meet more spouses. You know we are all going to be going through the same things so I feel like this was a good thing right before the guys take off."The SFRG is not just for married Soldiers as well. Soldiers are invited to involve anyone who may care about their activities or just need a way to keep in touch."Every Soldier has someone that cares about them and who is concerned about their well-being," said Crow. "Whether they are back home or wherever the Soldier entered the army from or if they are here in the area around Fort Hood. The SFRG is for those people, if you care about a Soldier, there is an FRG out there for you."After the spur ride, spouses were awarded certificates and spur ride shirts and the unit closed the day with an organizational day on the lake. The squadron will be shifting gears and transitioning into block leave, and then making final preparations to depart on its rotation with the rest of the Brigade.