BLUE GRASS ARMY DEPOT, Richmond, Ky. - Blue Grass Army Depot recently recognized four of its law enforcement and security employees for their efforts in responding to separate life-threatening emergencies in the local area.

Jeromy Viands was awarded the Department of the Army Achievement Medal for Civilian Service for his actions May 8 immediately following the tornado that passed through the area.

John Walton, Corey Chaney and Damien Enzenbacher were awarded the Department of the Army Commander's Medal for Civilian Service for their efforts March 27 in responding to a two-vehicle traffic accident occurring outside the Depot on Highway 52.

"I am extremely proud of these Depot employees. Their leadership, courage and professionalism in providing initial emergency first-response actions significantly contributed to saving lives and clearly displayed the Army values of selfless service, duty and personal courage," says Blue Grass Army Depot Commander Col. Joseph Tirone.

Viands was on his way to work at the Depot when he just missed the tornado that passed through the Kirksville area but saw the devastating damage and havoc it had caused. Viands received his award for his quick actions in instinctively assessing the scene and responding without hesitation to help direct traffic, render first-aid to the injured and initiate search and rescue operations to locate casualties.

Upon notification of a two-vehicle accident occurring off-post but close to the Depot, Walton reported the accident to the 911 operator and initiated a security patrol response to the accident scene. Upon arriving at the scene, Chaney and Enzenbacher took action to assist those involved in the accident. A fire broke out in the engine compartment of one of the vehicles but was quickly extinguished by both Enzenbacher and Chaney.

Blue Grass Army Depot Fire Department personnel also arrived at the accident scene and, along with Madison County Rescue, used their extraction equipment to remove a trapped occupant in one of the vehicles.

Walton, Chaney and Enzenbacher have already received their awards. Viands will receive his in a Depot awards ceremony June 25.