Three engineering interns from two Arkansas universities are about half way through a summer internship program here at Pine Bluff Arsenal. The internship is a 12 week program from May to August.

According to information provided by Ed Campbell, director of Engineering and Technology, this program supports new projects and strengthen the Arsenal's relationship with local universities as an employer of choice. "During the internships, the students rotate between directorates, including Ammunition Operations, Business Operations, Chemical and Biological Defense Operations, Public Works, E&T and Safety," said Campbell.

Caleb Walker, a Star City, Ark, native, and will be a junior this fall at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, Ark., majoring in mechanical engineering.

"I have been here since May 20, and have been supporting the Directorate of Public Works. I will switch over to the Directorate of Chemical Biological Defense Operations in July," said Walker. "It took a while to get into the system so I haven't been assigned a big project just yet."

Walker said he has been working with an Energy Resilience group here on the Arsenal. "I got to go out on tours with them and make those connections. This is an area I'm interested in -- renewable energy. So I made some good networking connections," he said. "I have also helped one of the DPW engineers size a building for HVAC."

He said he has also worked with ammunition production in the development of a new flash bang mortar. "We did a lot of hands-on help with this production," said Walker. "This was pretty neat and interesting."

Walker said if he stays in this area upon graduation, the Arsenal would be a great place to work. "This has been a good experience so far," he said. "I knew about the Arsenal but I really didn't know everything that went on out here. My eyes have been opened."

Sarah Neoh, who is from Fort Smith, Ark., will be a junior this fall at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, majoring in chemical engineering.
"I have been working with Adam Jones (E&T project engineer) on the ALS-MWO systems since I've been here. I have been helping support the project, looking at some of the files and seeing how everything works," she said. "I have been shadowing him on the production line and seeing how he solves problems."

Neoh said she is working on a side project that involves a presentation. "I have also been working a bit with mortar assembly which is very interesting," she said. "Learning about the components and everything was really cool."

Since she has been here she has been supporting the Directorate of Business Operations. "Originally my next rotation was supposed to be the Safety Office, however, I will now be going to E&T in July," she said.

Neoh said being here at the Arsenal falls right into her wheel house job wise. "This was my first choice of an internship," she said. "I am chugging right along. Everyone here has been really nice, and I love the environment. There is never a dull moment."

Jacob Kinney, who is originally from Longview, Texas, is currently a junior at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, majoring in industrial engineering.

"Since I got here in May, I have been working on one project with the Directorate of Chemical and Biological Defense Operations. I've been doing a time study on the protective patient wrap on the Individual Protective Clothing production line," said Kinney. "I did a comparison with a study that Colby Vestal did last year during his internship. I also prepared some ideas and recommendations about new machinery."

Kinney said the time study is basically taking a look at each station with the patient wrap production and timing how long it takes to get through each station.
"I learned a lot through the process because some of the classes I will be taking in the next year involve time studies," he said.

He said in July he is supposed to work with E&T.

An Army veteran, Kinney said he just got out of the inactive Reserve. "I did four years with the 75th Ranger Regiment and did three deployments with infantry," he said.

Kinney said after he got out of the military, he initially moved to the Houston area. "I decided to go to school, and had a friend who moved to the Fayetteville area. I like the small-town feel of the area," he said. "There is also a lot of outdoor stuff to do which I like such as kayaking."

He said he has thought about working for the government in the past. "Working here is a great opportunity," said Kinney. "I'm very interested in robotics. Mr. Campbell has been very good about letting us work in the areas we are interested in."