Nearly 100 children from the Hunter Army Airfield military community spent a fun-filled program at Hunter's chapel complex during this summer's Vacation Bible School."VBS teaches and inspires children positive scripture-based lessons that will provide them with a strong foundation of faith and support in an ever-changing military environment," said Charles Archer, director of religious education for the Hunter chapel.The annual program averages about 70 children in attendance. The 90 who participated this year is the largest number in the last ten years, Archer said.The popular summer activity always features a theme that includes a connection between God and the theme. The week of VBS included games, snacks, crafts, skits and, of course, Bible lessons. This year's theme was "Roar! Life is wild - God is good!" Archer explained the theme lets the children know that life can be unfair, scary, full of changes and sad ... but God is good all the time and He will be with them at all times, Archer explained."I remember VBS all the way back to when I was a six-year-old," said Chap. (Lt. Col.) Derek Murray, installation chaplain. "It was at VBS that I heard about the Lord Jesus Christ and the gospel and how it was the way to salvation." The Roar program allowed the kids to experience African adventure and what life was like for five kids who live in Africa."I liked Imagination Station the best," said Daljah Brown, age 10. Imagination Station included activities that allowed the youth to learn a Bible message through fun, memorable, kid-friendly discoveries. Others, such as nine-year-old Dalila Lair, enjoyed the Bible Adventures, where the children got to pretend they were characters in the Bible."With our Families busy with moves and deployments, this was a great opportunity help the children deal with change and instill in them that God is good (even through the difficult times)," said Megan Rivera, one of the 35 volunteers who made the program a success.Children perform a show June 29 as a finale to the Vacation Bible School, held at the Hunter Chapel on Hunter Army Airfield. This year's theme was "Roar! Life is wild - God is good!"