8th TSC 2019 4th of July Holiday Safety Message

By U.S. ArmyJuly 3, 2019

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As we celebrate our Nation's Independence, Leaders, Soldiers, Civilians and Family members of the 8th Theater Sustainment Command will take a well deserved break to relax or travel and engage in the many outdoor recreational activities and social gatherings. Whatever your plans may be and wherever they may take you, we ask that you make a conscious effort to make safety a planning priority.

With the extended holiday approaching, every attempt must be made to make this national observance a safe and meaningful holiday for all. Soldiers, Family members and Civilians should plan for unforeseen hazards in order to reduce the risk of a mishap. While you prepare to celebrate, ensure you implement risk management control measures in all that you do. Drink responsibly and never drink and drive; utilize a designated driver; endure that all passengers, including yourself, buckle up for the ride and stay focused on the road ahead. Use common sense and make healthy decisions to ensure this is a great holiday in addition to a safe summer season.

Commanders and Supervisors must ensure that our military members and civilians are informed on the potential hazards during this long weekend. Safety briefings prior to this holiday weekend, should include such discussions as POV safety and the prevention of motorcycle and automobile mishaps. Other topics to cover should consist of but not limited to the Battle Buddy System, fatigue avoidance, pedestrian safety and safeguarding activities in or around the water. Wearing proper personal protective equipment for all your activities can greatly reduce the potential for mishaps. Being aware of the hazards associated with each activity and being able to incorporate thoughtful risk management into your plans.

Thank you all for your continued service to our great nation. "One Team", "SUSTAIN THE FORCE"