TAMPA, Fla. -- With a packed crowd and screaming fans at the Tampa Convention Center, Team Army battled Team Marines for the bronze medal. Team Army won the game 61-51.Team Captain, U.S. Army retired Staff Sgt. Ross Alewine says the team kept their minds focused throughout the game."I honestly can say we really came together and gelled well. Each of us knew what our jobs were, we executed and brought home the bronze medal baby," Alewine said.Team Army led Team Marines at the half 37-19.First time participants U.S. Army Capt. Casey Turner and U.S. Army Sgt. Tanner Kane both agreed, hard work pays off."Wow, what a comeback from our loss to Navy," said Turner. "I think that loss just recharged us to keep fighting and Soldiering on.""I really look at it as simply doing your job. We came out to give it our best. My job was to shoot and score and the result was awesome. It all worked out really well," Kane added.Returning U.S. Army retired Spc. Brent "the champ" Garlic, led the team in total points, scoring 27 by the end of the game."Team positivity was key in this match up. There wasn't any negativity at all, at any time. We were very receptive to instruction. Basketball has always been my heart. Everything came together really well," said Garlic.After a handful of high fives and hugs, head coach Rodney Williams called for a team huddle after Team Army won the game."I am so incredibly proud of you guys. We've played some tough matches the last couple of days and you guys turned it around. There was great execution and I'm proud of you as a team. You should be proud of yourselves as well."