Basic Leader's Course Graduation: Class 19-705

By Capt. Jerry DuongJune 27, 2019

Basic Leader Course Graduation: Class 19-705
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Spc. Mia Perez, a human resource specialist with Special Troops Battalion, 300th Sustainment Brigade, U.S. Army Reserve, is a Class 19-705 Commandant's List graduate of the U.S. Army's Basic Leader Course.

"I've always had a desire to become a noncommissioned officer so I can lead Soldiers and have a positive impact on them," said Perez. "BLC was the steppingstone I needed in order to achieve my goal of becoming a noncommissioned officer and I'm excited to lead Soldiers one day."

The Basic Leader Course (BLC) is a three-week course offered at Camp Buehring, Kuwait, that develops young, emerging leaders, and prepares them to be future leaders in the noncommissioned officer corps. They are taught the fundamentals of leadership, how to train and mentor Soldiers, and the overarching competencies and attributes of an effective leader.

"Learning how to show empathy for Soldiers and understanding that at times Soldiers will present you difficult issues, but you must offer the best solution at hand because that's your job as a leader" was her biggest lesson learned.

BLC Class 19-705 graduates are now prepared to take the next step in their Army career, trained to provide outstanding leadership.