U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys, Pyeongtaek, Korea -- Soldiers from 121st Combat Support Hospital's Alpha (A Co) and Bravo Company (B Co) completed air-supported Tent Extendable Modular Personnel (TEMPER) tent set-up training June 10 to 13 at the medical support compound on U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys. Soldiers from both companies were able to familiarize themselves with the tent and the new technology prior to the upcoming field hospital conversion.A Co and B Co were issued the air-supported TEMPER tents to replace the metal-beamed tents. These air-supported TEMPER tents are built up by circulating air into the beams of the tents. The air inflating the beams hold up the dome of the tent helping to maintain the set-up.During the four-day training, Soldiers learned how to properly assemble, disassemble, and store the equipment. Soldiers successfully set the air-supported TEMPER tents up utilizing components, which included a generator, power cables, power distribution box, lights and receptacles, and they also learned how to attach vestibules and the CBRN liner. This hands-on training of setting up and tearing down tents enabled Soldiers to gain knowledge of the new tent system and become familiar with the set-up process.The assembling process was significantly faster than with the old TEMPER tents. After the air was initiated into the beams, it only took 15 minutes to get the tent up, and Soldiers were able to set up the full operational tents within 30 minutes."This training provided us with the knowledge that we need to set up our new modular tents with the upcoming conversion to the new Field Hospital model," said 1st Sgt. Andrew Hershey, A Co's senior enlisted advisor. "This new type of tent will allow us to be fully operational in much less time, which improves our readiness in support of the fight tonight mission."By July of 2019, the 121st Combat Support Hospital will convert its current 248-bed legacy and transition into the 549th Hospital Center with two 32-bed field hospitals comprised of the 121st Field Hospital and 502nd Field Hospital. This will include four medical detachments (MED) organized underneath the hospitals, and they'll be designated as the 125th MED, 129th MED, 197th MED, 150th MED as well as the 135th Forward Resuscitation Surgical Team.