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Army Materiel Command Commanding General Gen. Gus Perna advocates the mission of Maj. Gen. Paul Pardew, commanding general of the Army Contracting Command, during a quarterly update at ACC Headquarters, June 21. Pardew said ACC is aligned with AMC's ... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- With the concept that contracting touches everything the Army does, the Army Contracting Command focused on how collaborations, data analytics, cyber, and other topics pertained to readiness during its quarterly update meeting here on June 21 with the Army Materiel Command's Gen. Gus Perna, commanding general of ACC's senior command.

Maj. Gen. Paul Pardew, commanding general, ACC, led the update by discussing how his newly released overarching guidance for the workforce matches AMC's focus areas.

"We wanted to sync, as well as add two central areas: modernization and reform and adapt. We also added two enduring tasks: execute funding and active contract administration," Pardew said.

"What we do as an organization is to support the Secretary of the Army's three major priorities (readiness, modernization, reform and adapt). How you reflect them underneath us is your method. I think these are great words," Perna said as Pardew explained the ACC guidance.

In keeping in line with all of these areas, Pardew highlighted how his category management team is working across the spectrum to eliminate redundancies, increase efficiencies, and deliver greater value. These business advisors, contracting officers, and data analysts are boosting the strategic power of Army readiness -- fulfilling a focus for ACC and AMC.

Perna stressed at this point the benefit of behavioral change and correlated data.

"If behavior hasn't changed and your people are still racing at the end to finish contracts before close-out, we didn't lead the right way," he said.

ACC was able to provide information on its developing Cyber Operations Center (CyOC). ACC's G6 has been proactively working in collaboration with Army Cyber Command to borrow their data analytics and apply to daily operations across networks. This would allow headquarters to see remotely in real-time how each outlying system is performing.

In addition to those topics, the ACC contracting centers had the opportunity to discuss their current obligations and contract awards driving Army readiness. Six employees within the centers were recognized with commander's coins for their exceptional contributions to the command.

During his visit, Perna emphasized the importance of receiving feedback from industry, but asked the directors to make sure the Army's priorities are always the number one goal.

"Keep in touch with your customers, find out their concerns. But as long as you are in the right and doing it for the right reasons, I will always stand behind you," he said.

Perna closed out the meeting by insisting that he needs to see the tangible examples and behavioral changes affecting day-to-day results.

He also praised the ACC leadership and center directors for the work they do now.

"You are operationalizing the work you are doing. People are recognizing that. You are tracking partnerships, and that work is not going unnoticed," Perna concluded.

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