BRESCIA, Italy (June 25, 2019) -- The Vittoriale Amphitheater in Gardone Riviera, on the banks of Lake Garda, is a place where one can enter in the atmosphere of history, culture and music at the same time.

This summer, the amphitheater again plays host to a big calendar of concerts. This year, the festival, called Tenere-A-Mente, has already kicked off, but there is still more to come, with the June 28 concert of Billy Corgan, guitarist of the Smashing Pumpkins.

While enjoying a concert, visitors can admire the Island of Garda, Mount (Monte) Baldo in the far distance, the point of Sirmione, and the Rocca of Manarba. The Vittoriale is not just a music venue, however. In addition to the amphitheater, there are gardens, waterways, and the streams Acquapazza and Acquasavia that meet and form the shape of a violin, as well as a villa.

The villa was built between 1921 and 1938, on the hillsides of Lake Garda by Gabriele D'Annunzio, World War I soldier-poet, and architect Giancarlo Maroni. Guests are welcome to visit the museum of "D'Annunzio The Hero" in what was his house, called La Prioria. In the house, every room is named, such as the room "Mascheraio," D'Annunzio met with Mussolini before the World War II.

Visitors will see his plane "Ansaldo S.V.A.," which he used to fly from the province of Padova to Vienna Aug. 9, 1918, to drop flyers regarding the liberty of Italy. Approximately 210,000 visitors come to the site each year. D'Annunzio died March 1, 1938, and a mausoleum with his remains sits on the highest point of the hill in the park.

Other concerts on the 2019 roster are as follows:
July 6, Giovanni e Malfatti
July 7, James Morrison
July 8, Diane Krall
July 9, Garbage
July 13, Antonello Venditti
July 14, Ghemon
July 23, Calexico and Iron & Wine
July 24, Italian comedians Ale e Franz
July 25, Xavier Rudd
July 26, Glen Hansard
Previous concerts at Vittoreale have included such big names as Lou Reed, Pat Metheny, The Lumineers, Joan Baez, Counting Crows, Ron Carter, Patti Smith, Paul Weller of Jam, and King Crimson -- to name a few.

A bonus note: Poetess and punk singer Patti Smith is anticipated to perform at the Church of San Giuseppe in Brescia on Dec. 17.

For more information about summer concerts at Vittoriale, check out the website