Story by Takia Murray Fort Stewart Public Affairs InternMilitary life is often stressful and individuals should not worry about healthcare or services for their Family members. The Exceptional Family Member Program ensures that Families who have individuals with special medical or educational needs get the support and services that they require."The EMFP program is a part of readiness," said Jenny Walker, Army Community Services EFMP coordinator. "The Soldier shouldn't have to worry about their Family member receiving care or services." The EFMP works to assist Military Families that have special medical, housing, educational or personal service needs. Exceptional family members, such as those with asthma, chronic illnesses or autism, can find help getting the proper care and treatment they need. Many family members in the EFMP program also have diagnosis such as ADHD, deal with chronic pain, or see some type of "ologist".EFMP's mission doesn't end at the office. They serve their community in ways that are irreplaceable for many children and spouses by providing safe, accessible, and considerate means to have fun and celebrate life together. Looking for a nice secluded park to take your children to play on a quiet afternoon? Well the EFMP playground located next to building 86 on Fort Stewart, is the place to go. It's a special park designed to be accessible for children of all abilities.EFMP even hosts their own version of post events that are small, low key, and calming. One of the most popular EFMP events is the Trunk-or-Treat, in late October. The lack of loud music, hundreds of people, and scary costumes is not only something we could all enjoy, but is specifically beneficial to children with sensory considerations.If you are interested in attending these events you can find them advertised in the Frontline newspaper, on the Army Community Services Facebook, in the Marne message, and or through emails and flyers.If you or your family member has a special need, you'll also be needing help with accessing care. Part of EFMP's mission is to ensure that Military Families aren't moved to an installation that cannot support their exceptional Family member. The last thing Families need is to be stationed hours away from any specialty doctors they may need to visit or encounter a complete lack of needed resources.EFMP also supports families with access to respite care, Individualized Education Program support, housing accommodations, support groups, and Child and Youth Services through the Special Needs Accommodations Process.Learn more about the EFMP and what they have to offer by calling the ACS EFMP coordinator at 767-5058 or 767-5059, or stopping by at building 86 on Fort Stewart.