SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. -- Gen. Gustave F. Perna, the commanding general of U.S. Army Materiel Command, visited the Surface Warriors of the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC), June 11 for a quarterly operational update.SDDC Commanding General Maj. Gen. Stephen E. Farmen led the update by illustrating how SDDC's eight readiness levers, which evaluate operational effectiveness and comprehensive readiness, nest within and support AMC's strategic support areas to ensure readiness where military power is generated, projected and sustained during the fight."Our capability and capacity are our eight readiness levers. They help us see ourselves in your strategic support areas," Farmen told Perna. "We believe our eight readiness levers allow your mission to happen."Perna supported SDDC's alignment with AMC. "Your approach underneath the seven strategic support areas is the right one," he said. "As I told you before, do what General Lyons tells you to do, just keep me informed--that's number one."Farmen then transitioned into SDDC's readiness update by highlighting SDDC's new Surface Tasking Order (STO), a user-friendly tool designed to efficiently plan and track surface movement of joint military equipment and cargo. The STO will provide unit movement officers at the lowest level the same sight picture as SDDC planners and give them an opportunity to influence planning decisions and avert potential crises."Everything you do is about getting ready to do the big one," Perna responded. "You're supporting training, but really, it's the muscle memory for you to execute your responsibility in time of war. Everything you do in operationalizing it enables that muscle memory we need for the big day."Farmen also discussed another new system SDDC is implementing called "weigh in motion" which produces dimensional data to expedite the financial and documentation process for surface movements."The weigh-in-motion process gives precise measurements and weights that are crucial for accurate payments of carriers and helps keep our industrial base ready," Farmen explained.Perna pledged his support. "I want to help you get to end-state with this as fast as possible. This is excellent work and the readiness has really increased. We have moved the ball--you all have moved the ball," he added.During his visit, Perna also took time to recognize three Surface Warriors with AMC commander's coins for their exceptional contributions to the command and then closed by acknowledging SDDC's progression over the past year."I'm highly impressed in the growth of this headquarters seeing itself and operationalizing efforts," Perna said. "The growth toward the output as a collective team within the last year has really been impressive; keep up the good work."