ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill., - As a world class provider of ammunitions logistics, the success of Joint Munitions Command relies on the talent and capabilities of our key resource; the people. JMC's Campaign Plan Line of Effort #3, "Soldiers and People," focuses on the acquisition and retention of the key skills necessary to enable a professional workforce ready to execute current and emerging mission needs.

A major component in shaping a diverse, agile, adaptable and multi-skilled workforce is development and execution of an Individual Developmental Plan (IDP) for each of JMC's 6,000+ employees. An IDP is a tool that helps employees identify training and development needs, and set short and long-term career goals. The employee, in collaboration with their supervisor, develops the IDP. Supervisors and employees meet regularly to discuss professional strengths and opportunities for growth to shape the development, sustainment and retention of a multi-skilled and professional workforce fully supporting the JMC mission.

JMC is revitalizing the IDP process through strategic initiatives and supervisor/employee engagement efforts. The headquarters, JMC Personnel Development and Policy Division (G1) implemented several measures to improve the effectiveness of the IDP process. This includes training sessions to equip both employees and supervisors with the necessary tools and resources to develop, implement and maintain effective and executable IDPs and incorporating a reporting and analysis piece to the process so IDPs feed directly into the Command training strategy. These strategies ensure JMC is training for a purpose. Lastly, G1 is maintaining 100% accountability through quarterly IDP tracking and reporting.

The IDP process allows for analysis of command targeted training and cross-functional developmental needs with a strategic focus on outputs. JMC's emphasis on the integrity and effectiveness of the IDP is one way they build personnel readiness and maintain recognized munitions excellence.