This week at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, through 20 June, the Training Management Directorate (TMD) Mobile Training Team (MTT) staff is conducting a Digital Training Management System (DTMS) Manager Training Course. In May, MTT staff conducted the first-ever Digital Training Management System (DTMS) Course for Operators at Ft Leavenworth. During 3.5 days of instruction, the 28 DTMS operators in attendance were provided with the tools to empower them to maximize the functionality and capability of the DTMS system."While that course was originally designed with new DTMS users in mind, we had a diverse training audience that made up the first class. Some students had experience with the system but needed a bit of refresher training while other were newly assigned unit DTMS operators," said Mr. Bart Hobbs, a contractor with the TMD MTT. "Their units funded them to attend this course and that's a great sign because they recognize the need to train their DTMS operators as the system is becoming more essential in Training Management."The course provides users instructions on the nuts and bolts of using the DTMS system while adding scenarios and practical exercises that challenge the operators to solve problems that are more reflective of real-world applications. Because of the positive feedback from the course, two additional DTMS Operators course dates (16-19 July and 13-16 August) have been added.In addition to the Operator Course, the MTT staff will again conduct the quarterly DTMS Managers Course from 17-19 September. The DTMS Manager Course is for more advanced DTMS users and DTMS Managers. This is also a unit-funded course, and offers tailored training to DTMS Managers, in support of their unit-specific needs.For those who are unable to physically attend a training course at Ft. Leavenworth, TMD recently completed and posted the last of 11 Interactive Media Instruction (IMI) Tutorials for the Digital Training Management System (DTMS) Training and Readiness Dashboards. The tutorials were developed to educate users on the Training and Readiness Dashboards in DTMS. The self-paced tutorials are located at DTMS Knowledge Base hosts both Audio/Video Self-Paced and Slide-Based Tutorials that walk users through different elements of the Dashboards. The tutorials cover: the Training and Readiness Dashboards Overview, the Mission Essential Task List (METL) Tool, the Collective Live Fire Tool, the Weapons Status and Commander's Qualification Introduction, Manage Individual Weapons tool, Record Soldier Individual Qualifications tool, Download and Upload Rosters tool, Manage Crew Served Weapons tool, Manage Platform Weapons tool, Record Soldier APFT tool and now the Height, Weight and Body Fat data tool.The DTMS tool is designed to record planned and completed training, from the unit level to the individual Soldier. It is a web-based training enabler designed to link existing systems to create a single point of entry for units to schedule unit training, manage training resources, and create schedules and master calendars for training.TMD provides training via Phone, Defense Collaboration Services (DCS), Video Teleconferencing (VTC) and on-location via MTTs. Every MTT is tailored to the specific needs of the requesting unit. The TMD Help Desk is also available to provide support to unit leaders on DTMS-related questions and issues from 0500-2100 (CST) Monday-Friday and 0800-1700 (CST) Saturday and Sunday.Contact the TMD Help Desk at (913) 684-2700, DSN: 552-2700, or toll-free at (877) 241-0347 to enroll in one of our courses or for additional assistance; email assistance is also available at: