ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- If it has wheels and is used in one of Anniston Army Depot's production shops, chances are the Directorate of Public Works' Mobile Equipment Branch keeps it running.From forklifts and tow tractors to the buggy brigade, EZ-Gos, pallet jacks and even the depot's three locomotives, this 18-person branch performs all preventative maintenance and most repairs."If a piece of equipment has wheels on it and it's owned by ANAD or a tenant, we work on it," said George Moore, branch chief for the Mobile Equipment Branch.There are even a few things, such as weed eaters and chain saws, which don't have wheels and are still maintained and repaired by the branch."We are responsible for the preventative maintenance and maintenance of 1,819 pieces of equipment and we perform 3,706 preventative maintenance checks annually," said Moore.Moore stressed the importance of preventative maintenance for forklifts and other production equipment, saying the mechanics often find issues during the PM and correct them, preventing a breakdown at an inconvenient time.For that reason, he stresses that all areas should ensure equipment is delivered to DPW on schedule for inspections and maintenance checks."We perform the PMs at night, so we aren't taking the forklifts away from the day shift employees, who need them for production," said Moore. "We have a really good crew and highly experienced mechanics."