ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- Col. Joel Warhurst held his final scheduled town hall meeting with the Anniston Army Depot workforce June 5, encouraging them to maintain the standards of work held throughout his two-year command of the installation.PERFORMANCE TO PROMISEThe installation's Performance to Promise, a measurement of how ANAD's production meets its schedule, is steadily increasing.In fiscal year 2016, the depot's P2P was 76 percent. That increased to 87 percent in FY17 and 95 percent in FY18.Currently, Performance to Promise stands at 96 percent average for the year."In April, we achieved 100 percent," said Warhurst. "That is amazing work."He then discussed the reasons for the depot not meeting schedule.Problems with parts have remained steady through the years -- at 39 percent for FY17, 40 percent for FY18 and 38 percent currently.Processes, the performance of the work itself, often account for missing schedules. This made up 54 percent of the issues in FY18 and continues to be the reason for 31 percent of delays."Our focus, as an organization, is our processes," said Warhurst as he encouraged employees to find ways to work more efficiently. "We're doing really well, but we can do better."WORKLOAD AND REVENUEANAD planned to execute $864.4 million in revenue and 3.4 million direct labor hours in FY19. Currently, 3.5 million direct labor hours are projected, which equates to $890.7 million in revenue.In FY20, workload is projected to be 3.7 million direct labor hours."We know that workload is out there. We don't have the money in the bank yet, but we know it is coming. That is why we have been hiring and will continue to hire," said Warhurst.ICIIT AND THE DIGITAL DEPOTThe Industrial Complex Integrated Information Tracker, abbreviated iCIIT, is a visual management system intended to make movements of components throughout the installation more efficient by prioritizing work in process.Utilization of iCIIT is one way the depot is increasing its Performance to Promise."Ultimately, that leads to producing weapon systems on schedule," said Warhurst.As the depot begins to utilize more technology in its processes, iCIIT will be one component of a much larger Digital Depot, incorporating radio frequency identification, mobile computing, wireless torque tools and robotics."We are looking at how we can infuse the technology already out there into the depot," said Warhurst.MODERNIZATIONIn addition to modernizing the depot in terms of technology, Warhurst sees the potential to modernize facilities and equipment as well.Already, projects are in place for improved painting facilities, new testing equipment, updated machining capabilities and new homes for the artillery products produced at ANAD and the locomotive mission."We recognize we have old equipment and old facilities," said Warhurst. "We are investing $50 or $60 million over the next few years."GAPThe Group Award Program for FY19 has a projected maximum payout of $2,000.Currently, employees are falling short of the goals in two areas -- Indirect Productive Yield and Performance to Promise."It's a team sport," said Warhurst. "We all have a responsibility in our areas to make P2P."SHARPWarhurst reminded employees that there are a lot of new people on the installation who need to be trained in the prevention of sexual harassment and assault."None of us want to work in a hostile environment," said Warhurst. "If you follow the golden rule, treat each other as you want to be treated, 99.9 percent of harassment issues go away."The commander reminded the workforce that there are consequences for harassment in the workplace and the Army has a zero tolerance policy.UPCOMING EVENTSThere is no mandatory shutdown during the week of the Fourth of July.Warhurst reminded employees, however, to begin looking at their accumulated leave and planning for the remainder of the year."What we can't afford to do is to come to the end of the year and have a lot of folks with use or lose leave," he said.Employee Appreciation Day is scheduled for June 28. There are a few details in this issue of TRACKS and additional details will be forthcoming on the June 19 Morning Show and in the June 24 issue of TRACKS.The commander's farewell luncheon will be held July 12. Tickets are on sale through directorate secretaries.The Change of Command ceremony, when Warhurst will relinquish command to Col. Marvin Walker, is scheduled for July 25 at 9 a.m. A bus schedule for the event will be in the July 11 issue of TRACKS and will run on the LAN.