Munitions Readiness: A focus under Multi-Domain Operations
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ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. - In support of Multi-Domain Operations, the U.S. Army Materiel Command has identified seven strategic focus areas that are vital to readiness. Joint Munitions Command is nested with AMC and has incorporated these strategic support efforts into its campaign plan.

Joint Munition Command's strategic support mission focuses on munitions readiness, but also supports all seven focus areas, which include: supply availability and equipment readiness; industrial base readiness; installation readiness; strategic power projection; Soldier and family readiness; and logistics information readiness.

Under the Multi-Domain Operations concept, Army Materiel Command has reorganized and reshaped to ensure readiness of the Strategic Support Area, where military might is generated, projected, and sustained during the fight. Joint Munitions Command and Army Material Command are preparing the joint force for large-scale combat across land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace as required.

Joint Munitions Command's mission is to provide the Joint Force with ready, reliable, and lethal munitions at the speed of war, sustaining global readiness. Munitions readiness is why JMC exists.

"JMC's strategic support begins with demand signals or ammunition requirements, which the enterprise uses to calibrate the logistics footprint needed to rapidly project power from the SSA and sustain the fight in support of MDO," said Jeremy Tewksbury, JMC War Planning Division.

The Army's Total Munitions Requirement includes all munitions required to support current operations for training, testing, and combat. Realistic and accurate requirements are imperative to ensure supply availability, funding levels, sufficient manning, installation throughput capabilities, and industrial base preparedness.

"In preparation for the next worldwide contingency, the ammunition enterprise is focused closely on Combatant Command Operations Plan requirements and the ability of the logistics network to meet those requirements. Requirements, just like the stockpile, are a moving target. A deliberate and constant refresh of data, analysis, and collaboration is required. The newly established War Planning Division is synchronizing this effort for JMC to meet this goal," added Tewksbury.

"Efforts in Strategic Power Projection ensures our ability to rapidly deploy Joint forces forward," said Katie Crotty, director, JMC Planning Directorate. "JMC ensures munitions readiness by providing the ammo needed at the right place and right time during contingency operations."

Since 2017, JMC has identified support gaps and friction points in strategic support. To prepare the operational environment, JMC is enhancing worldwide munitions prepositioning. Additionally, efforts are underway to codify joint requirements, influence Class V decisions, update support plans, and develop decision support tools. The end goal is a distribution network prepared to execute precision logistics, with an agile production base postured to sustain the Joint Force and deliver lethality that wins!

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