Humphreys High School and Daejeon Electronic Design High School (Korean) softball teams played a friendly game of softball at Humphreys High School field, April 24.Both teams displayed a strong teamwork throughout the game."It was a great opportunity for the students to play against each other while developing sportsmanship," said Sheri Smith, Camp Humphreys High School Physical Education teacher and softball coach."We have been preparing for this game for almost two months," she said. "The speed of the pitcher from the other team was fascinating to watch and it was a great experience for the kids."The Korean coach also gave praise for the players passion for the game."Camp Humphrey's High School team has a great baseball field and the team's atmosphere looked cheerful," said Jang Jye Ho, Korean team coach. "Since we had some injured players that didn't get to participate today, we hope that we would have a chance to meet and play again.""It took about two weeks to prepare for this game," said Kim Hyo Ryong, Korean softball player. "We were really looking forward to the game because we have never been to Camp Humphreys," he said. "Also, it was a chance to gain practical experience while playing with foreigners. We hope we will have another chance to do a friendship game."Daejeon Electronic Design High School softball team won the game, 19-6.**The two teams played again, May 15, with the Korean team winning, 9-8.