SFL --TAP programs for veterans entering civilian workforce
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SFL --TAP programs for veterans entering civilian workforce
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CAMP HUMPHREYS, South Korea -- The Soldier For Life - Transition Assistance Program prepares Soldiers, who are transitioning out of the military into civilian careers, by providing multiple services including resume-building, job searching, and interview skill development.

"We try to give them the most resourceful information and the right tools to become successful when they transition into a civilian life," said Derek Walker, U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys Transitions Services manager.

Soldiers should register and sign up for services offered at the TAP, up to two years before the retirement date or 18 months before leaving the service, Walker said. "The key is to go early, go often, recommend Soldiers to commit about 40 hours to the program."

In addition, the program works with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Small Business Administration and the Department of Education, as well as other organizations to assist Soldiers who are seeking their own business, and/or who are acquiring specific technical skills.

"Since we are working with multiple organizations, we can offer variety of workshops and classes to assist Soldiers in many different ways," said Walker.

Jillian Strand, the SFL-TAP contractor installation manager, noted that the program also offers budgeting classes for Soldiers who need financial assistance.

"Many times, before taking these classes, the service members do not know what benefits they are entitled to or how these classes can actually help," she said. "Take a full advantage of the program, it's not only free but the information will help in the future goals."

For more information on the SFL-TAP, please call DSN 757-2101 or visit the office located on the 3rd floor, Room W301, One Stop (Bldg. 6400).