ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- Fourteen quality of life issues were briefed and discussed at the Army Family Action Plan Executive Steering Committee Meeting.

The meeting was held March 20 and chaired by Anniston Army Depot Commander Col. Joel Warhurst.

During the meeting, 13 issues were closed. One issue remains open.

Issue 19-1: Customer parking at the AOD Federal Credit Union on depot
Assigned Agency: Command Staff

Scope: Currently, there are no dedicated customer parking spaces at the AOD Federal Credit Union on depot. The only parking spaces here are routinely occupied by AOD employees and government vehicles. This creates problems when employees need to conduct banking activities at the credit union and only have limited time to do so (breaks, lunch, etc.).

Action Plan: There is limited parking in the industrial area, which precludes assigning any additional spaces to the customer parking spaces at the AOD Federal Credit Union on depot.

Status: Closed/unattainable due to limited parking space in the industrial area.

Issue 19-2: East side indoor recreational center
Assigned Agency: DFMWR

Scope: Currently there is not an indoor recreational center on the East side of the installation that offers ping pong, half-court basketball, etc. This creates a problem for employees on the East side of the installation for indoor recreational activities during breaks, lunches and when employee are off duty who utilize the depot's back gate.

Action Plan: The depot has two recreational buildings for use, Bldgs. 206 and 422. Resources are not available to construct additional facilities.

Issue Status: Closed/unattainable due to funding.

Issue 19-3: Appreciation for Directorate of Emergency Services employees
Assigned Agency: DES

Scope: Anniston Army Depot has an Employee Appreciation Day, but many Directorate of Emergency Services employees do not get to participate during the event. The DES employees are required to work the event to keep the ANAD patrons safe.

Action Plan: Security guards and fire fighters were allowed to participate and rotate through the event.

Issue Status: Closed/No action required.

Issue 19-4: Tractor trailer designated turn-around area on depot
Assigned Agency: DES/DPW

Scope: Tractor trailer drivers are not turning around at the designated area on depot. When the drivers miss the designated turn around, near Bldg. 212, it causes them to turn around in the Child Development Center parking lot or back up to a point near the DeSoto Pastime Center. This creates a safety issue for the children, depot patrons, vehicles and landscaping/parking lots.

Action Plan: The Directorate of Public Works installed larger signs on 10/16/2018.

Issue Status: Closed/attainable

Issue 19-5: Summer camp program for 6th -12th grades
Assigned Agency: DFMWR/CYS

Scope: Currently, Child and Youth Services doesn't offer a summer camp program for 6th -- 12th graders. Some depot employees do not have a support network to leave older youth during the time school is out for summer. This causes the employee to pay high cost sitters/day camps or leave the children throughout the days without supervision of a parent/guardian.

Action Plan: Based on the population data, there is not an adequate population to support initiatives for a 6th-12th grade program. The CYS facility is not designed for children in grades 6th-12th grade. A teen program is required to be set-up like an open recreation facility and the design of the current facility cannot meet those needs. Funding is only provided for services for ages six weeks to fifth grade. CYS partners with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, which offers a variety of programming in the Anniston catchment area at the three clubs to support this need. YMCA of Calhoun County offers a variety of programs for youth as well. Active duty personnel may qualify for the Military Youth Outreach Program, where the Installation Management Command funds annual memberships in BGCA Clubs off post. YMCA of Calhoun County offers a variety of programs for youth as well. CYS cannot require privately owned facilities to discount their prices.

Issue Status: Closed

Issue 19-6: Handicapped bus lights
Assigned Agency: DPW

Scope: A handicapped bus sits in front of Bldg. 140 every morning with its lights on. The direction it is parked, with lights shining toward oncoming traffic, makes it difficult to see pedestrians walking.

Action Plan: Issue has been completed by asking the driver to turn lights off while parked.

Issue Status: Closed

Issue 19-7: On-site personal trainer or aerobics instructor
Assigned Agency: DFMWR

Scope: Someone to lead aerobics classes, help develop a workout routine and how to use the workout equipment correctly. This could reduce self-inflicted injuries and increase the number of patrons who attend the Physical Fitness Center.

Action Plan: The PFC can provide information as to diet and exercise plans. The PFC also has videos for patrons to use in the upstairs aerobic room. Employees can contact Gerrad Slaton at Ext. 6385 for assistance.

Issue Status: Closed

Issue 19-8: WL/WG civilian deployments to the Middle East
Assigned Agency: DP/DOO

Scope: Employee perception is that only GS employee are offered opportunities to deploy to the Middle East.

Action Plan: TACOM Mobilization and Deployment requirements are no longer required/announced at this time. If TACOM has a specific skill set required from the ANAD workforce it will be distributed to the directors. The directors will than solicit candidates from within the workforce.

Issue Status: Closed

Issue 19-9: Welding accessories
Assigned Agency: DPM

Scope 1: Welder Coveralls: The quality of and limited assortment of sizes of welding coveralls available for checkout at the Safety Tool Crib.

Action Plan: As of April 19, 2019, coveralls in size 50-56 have been ordered.

Path Forward: The Anniston Contracting office is processing a procurement package submitted by the Directorate of Production Management for a supply contract for the purchase of coverall for depot employees, including welders.

Issue Status: Open

Scope 2: Welder Hoods: The welder hoods do not fit properly and the visual opening is too small.

Action Plan: As of April 30, 2019, a trial was completed by two welding cost centers to utilize two different brands of welding helmets and provide feedback. The manufacturer which received the most positive feedback was RPB and will be ordered as the primary unit to be stocked. Welders found the hood to be extremely lightweight, with good vision and they liked the cooling unit. This was, by far, the preferred hood.
While RPB was preferred by the majority, there were a small number of welders, primarily performing cutting operations, who found the lighter outer shroud of the RPB unit did not hang as well during cutting. They also felt the hood wasn't well constructed. The Safety Office recommends a second manufacturer, 3M, be stocked in a very low quantity as an alternative (back-up) option for those performing heavier duty tasks, based on this feedback, to ensure all operations are adequately addressed. The Safety Office will also pursue discussions with RPB to determine if a leather shroud option might be available in the future.
The Safety Crib will purchase both the supplied air hood and have a small number of PAPR units available for special situations where the hose is not a good option. This should address the need for a more current welding hood with readily available parts and also address the AFAP issue. The Safety Crib will also ensure the depot maintains the same basic manufacturers utilized for other operations at ANAD (RPB and 3M), so there are not too many variables in the program.

Issue Status: Open

Issue 19-10: Workflow process decisions
Assigned Agency: Command Staff

Scope: Employees would like to provide upper management with recommendations/concerns when decisions are being regarding relocation of workshops, equipment and materials at ANAD.

Action Plan: Employees are brought into the decision-making process at every opportunity. Additionally, the depot has reinstituted its suggestion program, in which all employees are eligible to participate.

Issue Status: Closed/attainable

Issue 19-11: Incentive awards for non-supervisors
Assigned Agency: Command Staff

Scope: The perception of the ANAD workforce is that only Supervisors/Leaders receive incentive awards.

Action Plan: All depot employees are eligible to receive incentive awards. The depot recently reviewed and revamped the awards program in its entirety and routine feedback is provided to senior managers regarding awards processing.

Issue Status: Closed/attainable

Issue 19-12: Time keeping accountability
Assigned Agency: Command Staff

Scope: More stringent time keeping accountability for supervisors at ANAD.

Action Plan: Supervisors at every level are responsible to ensure employees (including subordinate supervisors) are held accountable on all administrative actions, include timekeeping. This issue was addressed at the directors meeting.

Issue Status: Closed

Issue 19-13: Work schedule
Assigned Agency: Command Staff

Scope: Employees who work outside during the summer months would like for management to allow a more flexible time schedule to help with heat related stress.

Action Plan: ANAD will review work schedules during periods of extreme weather with respect to the health and welfare of depot employees. Supervisors and employees must follow extreme weather guidelines and recommendations, as published in depot policy and/or depot safety bulletins.

Issue Status: Closed

Issue 19-14: Dumbbells/free weights in the Nichols Cardio Center
Assigned Agency: DFMWR

Scope: Patrons who work on the East side of the installation like to work out with free weights and dumbbells during their 30-minute lunch. The East side Nichols Cardio Center is only used as a cardio center and doesn't offer free weights for patrons to use.

Action Plan: No action should be taken on this issue. The Nichols Cardio Center is for cardio only, due to no staffing at the facility and no current funding for a recreation position. The PFC staff placed free weight machines in the facility in 2017. The use of dumbbells would be a safety issue, resulting in serious injury or death for the individuals. The PFC on the West side offers a wide selection of free weights patrons can use before/after work hours.

Issue Status: Closed

AFAP issue can be submitted throughout the year by emailing the issue to Amanda Mullinax at or utilizing the yellow "ammo" box in the Army Community Service Building, Bldg. 220. Please complete the form located near the box. All submitted issues are confidential.

If you would like more information on the AFAP process, call ACS at 256-741-5247.