ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. -- On May 29, the Joint Munitions Command conducted its quarterly review with the Army Materiel Command Commanding General, Gen. Gustave "Gus" Perna. During these quarterly meetings, Perna reviews the accomplishments and initiatives of JMC, which is one of 10 major subordinate commands of AMC. These sessions "validate understanding of my intent and how you're executing to my intent," said Perna.The Commanding General of JMC, Brig. Gen. Michelle M.T. Letcher, led the brief and focused on how JMC is operationalizing AMC initiatives.Key topics of the meeting included the JMC 2019-2020 Campaign Plan and the Operational Business Review.Campaign PlanWhile the last quarterly update primarily focused on Soldiers and People, this quarterly update focused on Strategic Readiness, and specifically, munitions readiness. This focus endeavors to position JMC to operationalize the AMC strategic support focus areas in multi-domain operations in order to deliver ready, reliable and lethal munitions readiness at all levels of war."With the changes in doctrine associated with MDO and the SSA, AMC plays a big part of that. What are your roles and responsibilities in support of MDO? We need to understand requirements and what's our end state and know exactly where we are at," said Perna.The campaign plan topics included munitions readiness; review of Army regulations and policies; non-destructive testing initiatives and requirements; foreign military sales diversion process and FMS impact on critical munitions; artificial intelligence integration; Logisitics Management Program manufacturing integration and intelligence; transition to sustainment; and, supporting the Army of the future."What I worry about every day is are we enabling training, and are we capable of sustaining war? We have to ensure the right munitions are available for training and execution of war," said Perna.Operational Business ReviewEach JMC Government-Owned, Government-Operated installation commander briefed Perna on the status of their installation and their subordinate installations. Topics included workload planning, performance to promise, optimization efforts, human capital and carryover."We have a tough mission and optempo is not getting lower, it's getting higher. We need to use the money wisely," said Perna."This was a very good rundown. You are clearly nested with my intent. I am grateful for what you do every day. Thanks for doing it," said Perna.Also during the meeting, Perna presented coins to Jason Henry, Cindy Brock, Mitch Driscoll, Brooke Crippen, and John Campbell for their exceptional work during the last quarter.The next quarterly brief is scheduled for August 2019.