8th TSC 2019 Memorial Day Holiday Safety Message

By U.S. ArmyMay 24, 2019

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Soldiers from the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) place U.S. flags at headstones as part of Flags-In at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia, May 23, 2019. For more than 55 years, soldiers from the Old Guard have honored our nat... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

Memorial Day is an opportunity for Americans to pay homage to men and women in uniform who died serving our nation. It's a call to remember their lives, their courage, their legacy and their service.

The Memorial Day holiday weekend also starts the Army's "101 Critical Days of Summer Program." Many of our Soldiers and Families will take advantage of the warmer weather, traveling and participating in outdoor recreational activities and sporting events. The enjoyable summer weather often includes hazards which must be mitigated in order to protect personnel and property. Each of us must strive to make the holiday weekend and this summer safe to ensure we do not lose a single Soldier, Family member, or Civilian employee to a senseless loss.

Engagement from leaders at all levels, disciplined behavior, awareness of surroundings and teamwork are all key factors ensuring a positive safety culture, both on and off duty. The 8th Theater Sustainment Command team asks you to apply safety into everything you do as you prepare to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday. Remember to NOT drink and drive, to be responsible, and to protect your battle buddies. Wear the proper personal protective equipment for ALL your activities. Do understand the hazards associated with the activities you are planning and incorporate thoughtful risk management into your plans.

Thank you all for your continued service to our great nation. "One Team", "SUSTAIN THE FORCE"