All heroes past and present deserve to be acknowledged, cherished and appreciated for the sacrifices that they have made for the United States. The community surrounding Fort Knox has no problem serving the ones that have served them, as they participate in the 2019 Hooray for Heroes celebration.Greg Lowe, the co-chair of the annual Hooray for Heroes elatedly, but briefly, gave a description of what the event was about. "About 15 years ago, a man by the name of Randy Atkin with Will Stolz decided the community needed to do something to recognize soldiers and emergency service workers in this community."So, to celebrate Armed Forces Day, the third Saturday in May, the community comes together for Hooray for Heroes to recognize veterans from the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and the Coast Guard, and emergency and first responders. The board and committee provide recognition to a different aspect of the military in American history every year."Each year we recognize a different era of war, those veterans," said Hooray for Heroes sponsor chair, Melanie Parker. "So, this year we're really excited to honor those that have served in the war on terror, and we have a special designed coin just for them."The colors that represent the war on terrorism are depicted on the front of the coin, and the military crest for each branch is on the back. The executive board was appreciative that AUSA, the Cecilian Bank and ADT came together to sponsor the purchase of the coins.Every coin that is given out is paired with a handshake from the Commanding General of Fort Knox and Cadet Command Maj. Gen. John R. Evans, Jr. Before the distribution of coins, Evans reminded America's military families how the country had been changed forever Sept. 11 and when the war on terrorism began.Hooray for Heroes could not be done without the sponsorship and volunteerism of the patriotic community that they live in and serve."We really have a lot of wonderful community groups that step up and this is kind of an annual tradition for them, and so people are great when I call and ask 'can you donate a little bit of time' because people love the chance to serve a hero, shake the hand of a hero, come out and be a part, it's such a great community event," explained Kendra Scott, volunteer coordinator for Hooray for Heroes.This special day is for all military and their families past and present, and a perfect way for the community to say thank you and show their appreciation with vendors, food, and entertainment.