CONSTANTA, Romania-Hundreds of people marched down the streets of Constanta, Romania, to the beat of a marching band in a parade honoring the city, the local police force and religious figures St. Constantine and St. Helen. The parade, an annual tradition in Constanta, also celebrates the beginning of summer and seasonal sports for local clubs and schools. About twenty U.S. Soldiers stationed at Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base joined Romanian and Italian military personnel, police officers, students and Constanta City Mayor Decebal Fagadau in the parade. "It's a celebration not only of the city of Constanta and its culture, but our alliance as well," said Sgt. Brian Legaspi of the 313th military police detachment out of Las Vegas. "It was a wonderful event to see, and I hope that other U.S. service members can come and experience it one day."