JBSA-FORT SAM HOUSTON, TX. -- The Borden Institute, an agency of the Health Readiness Center of Excellence, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, supported the Special Operations Medical Association, or SOMA, Scientific Assembly in Charlotte North Carolina by providing an information resource exhibit during the event from May 6-10, 2019.

SOMA is the only medical association in the world that brings together the unique blend of pre-hospital, tactical, wilderness, austere, disaster and deployed medicine. The primary goal is to advance the art and science of special operations medical care through the education and professional development of special operations medical providers.

The annual assembly provides the opportunity for military and civilian medical providers, academia and industry partners from around the world to meet and exchange ideas. It is also the largest gathering of Special Operation Forces medical providers in the world that includes U.S. military, foreign military, domestic tactical law enforcement and tactical Emergency Medical Services, or EMS, providers.

Robert Dredden, responsible for Visual Information Specialist at the Borden Institute who attended the SOMA event said, "Special operations medicine is unique and requires new technology and equipment to meet the ever-evolving needs of the military, the event is a great venue to showcase readiness capabilities."

The Borden Institute has supported Army Medicine since 1987 by fostering and promoting excellence in military academic medicine through the development and publication of military medical scholarship. We are thankful that Borden Institute was able to support this event with useful information and complimentary publication copies for many of the conference attendees.

For more information about the Borden Institute or their publications, visit https://www.cs.amedd.army.mil/borden/.