U.S. Amy Garrison Yongsan, Korea -- Capt. Michael Sieun Yang, a psychiatrist from 65th Medical Brigade, presented a lecture in observance of Mental Health Awareness Month at the Republic of Korea (ROK) Army School of Military Medicine on how to indicate and cope with combat stress.Yang shared some clinical examples and resources with more than 70 students attending the lecture on May 1, to cover the definition and cause of combat stress, how to indicate the stress symptoms, types of stress symptoms and how to manage them."Combat stress and mental health in the armed forces is an absolute must when it comes to awareness and education," emphasized Yang. "I told the students that those are the first steps in implementing positive change in their respective units."Yang shared how exciting and gratifying it was for him as a Korean-American Soldier and a psychiatrist to meet with ROK Army medical professionals to exchange the knowledge and experience and be able to make a positive contribution with the relationship between the U.S. and ROK Army."It was such an educational lecture filled with numerous clinical examples and practical advice based on the U.S. Army's mental health care practice. I gained valuable knowledge about combat stress and how to cope with it," said Capt. Jin-Sook Cho, a nurse at Daegu ROK Army Hospital, who attended the lecture. "It gave me a chance to think about how ROK Army mental health clinics can improve, and what I can do to contribute to our troop's mental and physical fitness."More information is available at Army Public Health Center webpage: https://phc.amedd.army.mil/topics/healthyliving/bh/Pages/CombatOperationalStressControl.aspx