BAUMHOLDER, Germany (Smith Barracks) -- Soldiers, leaders, families and friends of the 5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment gathered at Minnick Field May 14 to welcome the unit's new commander.Lt. Col. Justin D. Logan assumed command of the 5-7 ADA from Lt. Col. Barry S. Carter during the unit's Change of Command ceremony.The 174th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, Task Force Buckeye, Col. Thomas Moore, presided over the ceremony.After the formation of troops and the arrival of the official party, both Carter and Logan took their positions in front of the formation on the ready line and the ceremony began.After the arrival of the official by the official party, the passing of the unit colors began. This time-honored military tradition represents the assumption of the mission by the new commander. It also represents the transfer of personnel, equipment, morale and esprit de corps of the unit.Traditionally, the colors of an organization are the focal point for an entire organization to follow.After the passing of the Guidon, Moore shared his remarks with the audience thanking Carter for his hard work and dedication during his time in command."Lieutenant Colonel Carter has created a culture that supports the Soldiers accomplishment of any and all assigned missions as well as the success of the individual member's pursuits. This total Soldier approach has set conditions for every Soldier in the organization to thrive," Moore said. "The direction and leadership provided by you and your team is top-notch, and for that, I congratulate you."Moore then welcomed Logan and his family to the 10th AAMDC and the Strong Europe Team."Justin Logan brings with him a wealth of knowledge not only drawn from his experiences across multiple formations but more specifically his current time as the operations officer for the 10th AAMDC," Moore said. "I look forward to see where Team Logan will move this great organization.Finally, the newest 5-7 ADA Battalion commander took the podium and addressed the audience and soldiers for the first time."It is a very special honor and privilege to command the outstanding soldiers before us; a privilege not to be taken lightly," Logan said. "I speak for my entire family when I say we are excited to be members of the team and are committed to providing the best care to our soldiers and their families."The 5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment was originally constituted on March 8, 1898 in the Army as Battery E, 7th Regiment of Artillery. It organized on March 31, 1898 at Fort Slocum, NY.