As most Fort Knox High School seniors are making plans for their futures, seniors on the girls' fast pitch team are making plans to bring their A-game to the 2019 district tournament May 20-22.

It will be a bit more personal for them this year since all the action will happen on home turf.

Jackie Prather, the school's athletics director, said Fort Knox hosts the district tournament about every five years on a rotational basis. It's their turn this time around.

"The rotation is set alphabetically and there are five teams in our district, so every five years we're the host," said Prather.

The Eagles will enter this year's tournament at the bottom of the district, playing against some big powerhouses in Kentucky fast pitch.

"We're the five seed," said Prather. "It's based upon our record against district opponents, being E-Town, North, John and Central. We're 0 and 8 against the district opponents."

Their closest rival in wins and losses is John Hardin High, who have won only two games in district play -- both against the Eagles. Prather said the girls could still pull out an upset against John at the tournament.

"Our girls have improved a lot from the season beginning to end," said Prather. "We have not played as many games this year as we would have hoped to. Rainy weather has put a damper on that. I think we can be competitive against John; it's really just who shows up that night."

In fact, they typically play 25-30 games each year. This year, rainouts forced them to play about 15, according to Prather.

"It's tough," said Prather. "When you get new kids in every year like we do being a school that transitions, you're starting from scratch every year.

"Fort Knox has a rebuilding year every year, but I think we still have a shot."

Part of the highlight of the district tournament is the honor of being selected on the all-district team. An anonymous committee will make the selections after each game, announcing one player from the losing team to receive the honor. Those selected will receive a plaque.

And when the dust settles, the runner-up team will get the honor to advance to regional play; the winner to the state tournament.

Batter up!